Sine 2012, We have been specialized in only Marble

Where is Afaithstone Import and Export located?
The location of Xiamen Afaithstone Import and Export Co.Ltdcan be obtained on our website, or you can contact our staff to get to know more detailed information. It has a very convenient place, with the highest quality and brings many customers to visit. You are welcome to check it out. Just contact in advance and it will arrange for staff to pick you up at the designated location.

Afaithstone Import and Export is a leading bardiglio marble manufacturer with its own R&D team, advanced production equipment and deep production experience. Afaithstone Import and Export provides a wide range of mosaic floor tiles for customers. The product features enough smoothness. The RTM process technology provides uniform smoothness on both sides and its surface is coated with the gel. Its edges are suffiently polished for better fitting of other pieces. The reputation and competitiveness of Afaithstone Import and Export has raised apparently in recent years. It fully demonstrates the elegant style of home decoration.

We believe that by working closely with our clients and with each other we can achieve great results. So we deliver the best for our clients, holding ourselves and each other to the highest standards.
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