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Where Is Accent Tile Placed on a Kitchen Backsplash?

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-26
Accent tiles feature a regular kitchen tailgate that adds interest, excitement and even charm by using contrast.Whether you choose to pay attention to the color, texture, shape, size or finish of the tile, the emphasis on the position of the tile in the kitchen tailgate helps to determine how dramatic the change is.Long and rectangular accent tiles and borders on the edges of the tailgate.These boundaries can be located on the edge of the tailgate or at 2 inch of the edge.The width of the border can be as narrow as a single tile, or along the top or bottom of the tailgate, or both.Another design is to place borders along the middle of the tailgate to emphasize the tiles, which is especially effective if you place subway tiles and let them run horizontally, parallel to the countertop.The large area on the kitchen tailgate stove provides the opportunity to use accent tiles as the focus of the kitchen.Consider creating a mural of a hand-painted tile, perhaps a local scene, or a fantasy vacation scene for vineyards and mountains.Or, in an abstract design, arrange the tiles that contrast the material or color with the tailgate to get a modern sense.For some of the more subtle things, use the same tiles as the kitchen tailgate, but arrange them in different patterns.You can choose to use more accent tiles as the border for the area.The emphasis on tiles as part of the tailgate pattern allows you to fully incorporate them into the design.Placing four square tiles diagonally on the tailgate creates a space in which a small square tile that emphasizes color is placed.Scattering some color accent tiles through a monochrome tailgate allows you to introduce bright colors in a controlled way.For those with a budget, interspersed with a few expensive handcraftsApplying tiles in regular tiles is a cheap way to incorporate the artist\'s work into the traditional kitchen.As an alternative to color, a simple and subtle way to add contrast to an accent tile is through texture.Tiles with different finishes provide contrast, whether you position the glazed tiles on a rough, unglazed tile or use a glass brick as a border.Alternately brushing the direction of the metallic brick particles allows you to create subtle accent border tiles in the metal back panel, which seems to gently expand the space when mixing mirror tiles into the tailgate pattern in the kitchenette.
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