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What Color Glass Tile Accent Goes With Black-and-White Wall Tiles?

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-28
Black-and-High white wall tiles-Contrast Effect, vibrant color glass tile accents enhance tone contrast.But light colors also coordinate with blackand-White tiles, especially when the fixtures match the background color of the pastel glass tiles.The gray accent tile provides another option;Various shades of gray contribute to the neutral tile color scheme.Create a vintage look by side-by-side blackand-White with pink colors such as peaches or water.The pink tiles are linked to the background color of the pink rose gold light fixture, while the mint green tiles coordinate with the green background color of the brushed nickel light fixture.Compared to multi-tone mosaics, the decoration of solid-color glass is less distracting from Blackand-White wall tiles.Balance black-and-White glass brick with bright primary colors such as red, cyan or yellow.Teal is a cool secondary color option for glass tile decoration, adding talent to fixtures in cool Chrome.Bright accents reinforce a strong tone contrast through active neutral blackand-White tile pattern.Black-and-White wall tiles coordinate with gray glass tiles--Whether it\'s green or blue or warm.Gray metro tiles have a stylish appeal, especially with extra accents that match or contrast the background color of gray tiles, such as warm gray mint green or slate gray peacock blue.
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