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using a ceramic tile backsplash

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-13
Ceramic mosaic tiles can be very beautiful, but it looks busy if you install it on the whole floor or wall.
One use of this type of thing is the tile tailgate.
There are two main areas that are common decorative tailgates-
Kitchen and bathroom.
The kitchen tailgate is usually placed behind the stove and sometimes on the sink.
They are designed to protect the walls behind the stove from damage to typical splashes that may occur when cooking on the stove.
It is placed on the sink to protect the walls from water.
Since the kitchen sink is often farther away from the wall than the bathroom sink, this is not necessary.
However, the bathroom tailgate is very important unless you happen to have a base sink.
You need to put something on the plaster wall so that if the water splashes on the sink and falls on the wall, the wall will not be damaged.
Paint is not enough.
Using the tile tailgate is a great way to achieve this.
You can always use simple tailgates of the same material as the sink, but using tiles will give you more freedom in design.
Whether you\'re making a tile tailgate for the kitchen or for the bathroom, you\'ll need to take a closer look at the size, shape and color of the tile you\'re using.
You can create the design with tiles of a single shape, just change the color and you can also use many different shapes.
Just make sure you don\'t make it too busy because of too many patterns.
If you are making a tile back panel for the bathroom, you can make it small and simple, 2 inch higher than the sink.
But a larger tailgate is possible if you like.
In the kitchen, in most cases you want the tailgate to fill the entire space behind the stove until the cabinet above.
Typically, these tailgates are about the width of the stove.
People are more likely to use the kitchen tailgate tile design, although it is sometimes used in the bathroom as well.
Consider browsing design magazines and websites in order to understand what is possible.
Once you see what you like, you can recreate it --
Or something like that.
For more ideas on using the tailgate, see the author\'s website, as shown in the following paragraph.
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