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uses for mosaics - stone tables, etc

by:Afaithstone     2020-02-28
Mosaic is one of the oldest and most beautiful art forms.
The mosaic is made of mosaic tiles that stick together to form a picture or a specific design.
Mosaic table is one of the most popular uses of mosaic art;
The top of the table is covered with a lovely mosaic design and then placed on the table, which can have a wooden or wrought iron base.
The mosaic table adds beautiful color to any room.
Craftsmen have designed mosaic desktops for millions of years, but anyone with a certain craftsmanship can make their own mosaic desktops.
Molds, sometimes just use a stone stepping stone as the base.
Cut a piece of adhesive to fit the mold and then draw the design needed for the table on the other side of the adhesive paper.
This will be used to form a template for mosaic blocks (
Cut glass or stone)
Will be placed to form the design.
The mold is covered with Vaseline, and the adhesive paper is placed on it and glued to one side.
Next, the pre-cut glass sheet is arranged in the pre-cut
Drawing layout of the design.
The tool is used to push the tile down to the adhesive.
Now, cement consists of any color needed for the space between water, special cement and tiles.
Pour concrete into the mold to penetrate into the mold
But it\'s not completely covered.
Then tap the mold gently to remove the bubbles from the cement.
It should stay dry for at least an hour.
Once the concrete has been tried, the mold should be turned upside down and then the adhesive is peeled off.
To keep the design clean and clear, any excess cement should be removed with a wet sponge and a small scraper.
The mosaic of the desktop is ready, just connect to the table you are using correctly.
It is important to remember that you are designing upside down.
This is the so-called \"indirect\" method.
It is important that if your design contains words, numbers, or scenes that should be viewed in some way, it moves backwards when the mold is flipped.
This must be taken into account when the design is carried out first.
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