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To HIGH, 'na' come along, 10. Hangzhou 8 communication!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Iraqis, South Korea beautiful AnLiNa;

meet, the most special October 8;

meet, in the west lake in hangzhou city;

drunken beauty, marble tile & marble ceramic factory stone mode.

if the nature of hangzhou charming face, then the marble marble tiles & ceramic factory stone mode the arrival of the festival, like a wisp of clever and the spring breeze, hangzhou is blowing as the other green breath, stirring up the city's angry.

when the Korean wave strikes, if South Korea quan zhixian of Fried chicken and beer is a little lose the amorous feelings, & are professor and dreamy unrealistically, marble, marble tile ceramic factory is recommended that you take a look at the youth vigor & AnLiNa!

your agreement, with South Korea off beautiful voice AnLiNa be there or be square

on October 8th, marble, marble tile ceramic factory to absolutely beautiful voice AnLiNa (from South Korea 李娜/ an rina) Hangzhou concert!

she has a sweet voice and full of tension, style variety, static and dynamic, and also has many fans among the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, she is a rising star in Chinese, Korean music. First China and South Korea have bilingual EP 'that love' credit boom.

AnLiNa bilingual debut EP, South Korea's unique beautiful voice

there will be not only crazy hi concert, there are more benefits to send: fund of ten thousand yuan decorate, IPHONE6, cash awards & hellip; … And so on, action is the most true, marble marble tile ceramic factory in the city of hangzhou.

ceramics factory in marble marble tile person's heart, and a concert is a kind of faith, find a direction for the future. Marble marble tile ceramic factory, from the nature, focus on stone sense; Adhere to scientific and technological innovation, to make due contribution for national environmental protection career as own duty, to become the field of marble tile excellent brand, to professional to become customers' choice.

South Korea absolutely beautiful voice AnLiNa photo

South Korea absolutely beautiful voice AnLiNa photo

South Korea absolutely beautiful voice AnLiNa dynamic field

South Korea absolutely beautiful voice AnLiNa dynamic field

10. Hangzhou, marble marble tile ceramic factory is looking forward to your arrival
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