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tile trims and edging

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-23
Tile trims. What are they?
Tile decoration has been around for many years.
These are long strips of molded plastic with an average length of 2. 2m -2. 4m.
They come in a variety of depths and colors.
In order to adapt to more and more tiles, the thickness changes a lot.
The most commonly used color is white or light pastel color, which is closest to the color of the tile or grouting.
The most commonly used size is 6-
8mm but since the current fashion is to have medium to large format tiles, 9-
The UK market is beginning to suffer a 12mm cut.
What are they?
Although some tile trim can be used in the interior corners, most people see and buy the exterior corners in the store, mainly to protect the exterior edges of the tiles, and the two tiles meet at 90 degrees.
Use tile decoration to make the installer avoid using \"happy\" tiles;
These tiles have an edge Mitter, which is usually mitted by the tile manufacturer at 45 °, giving a good finish to the square corners.
Unfortunately, some tile shops do not store these tiles because the diagonal edges are prone to break during transportation.
These tiles are also much more expensive than regular tiles, and tile decorations offer a cheaper option.
What type of finish is there?
The aesthetics of tile decoration can enhance or weaken the tile item and you will (as usual)
Pay more for better and/or better.
Within the plastic range, you may find matte, silk or smooth finishes, open shoulders or closed, multi-height adjustable, and end caps and int. /ext.
Corner kit for some brands.
Ceramic tile decoration can also be found in simulated chromium, brass, simulated brass, stainless steel, chrome-plated brass, aluminum, anodized aluminum, gold and chrome bright anodized aluminum, coated aluminum, marble effect with listello border.
The edges can also be different because you can get these on a circular or square surface.
Some square edge trimming can also be used as a list or border separating tile rows, but a straight plane is required to tile.
Other tile trim for vinyl.
These have an open section that will hold the vinyl skirting (
Mainly for business).
Floor tile decoration is usually used for bridging between tiles and other coverings such as carpets, vinyl and wood.
If the tile installer has not used the tile decoration before, he/she will find it very tricky to cut these tiles in the first place, as you need to make sure that the cutting is done correctly.
It will depend on whether it is part of window revert or boxing.
There are different ways to cut the tile trim, but the usual way is to use a Mitter box and a small saw.
If you need some tile decorations to use with mosaic tiles, these can be found in stainless steel with a thickness of about 3mm.
You can also buy some special ceramic tile metal decoration, such as the molding decoration.
This is used to profile a wave obstacle (such as a post) by using a tile trim forming tool.
The molded decoration is also suitable for floor and wall tiles.
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