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The countdown | a person of extraordinary powers curtilage practical checking! Vincent wai lam, qing-ping zhang, Chen Lianwu, ShiHeng according, jia eight do all in here!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Marble ceramic factory & reg; Design master camp

in the process of design of the
you might be plagued by all kinds of troubles

may be villa owners all kinds of demand

the hotel design is too simple art deco

lighting design of bland

indoor feng shui can't reasonable use

a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the lonely at the top of the

it is no matter whether these

on July 5, 2018, & ndash; — 9,

the five masters of design will meet in Shanghai with you

offer a design force and creativity of the communion feast

for you to solve all sorts of design of complicated illnesses!

qing-ping zhang

villa design checking on July 5,

China's famous master design: qing-ping zhang

villa design, a professional designers on the premise of reasonable control cost in addition to meet the requirements of customers to design style, function, etc, also must meet customer's special requirements, this will inevitably bring certain difficulty to design. How to meet the functional space at the same time, to meet the owner of the psychological space?

Chen Lianwu

on July 6, a person of extraordinary powers curtilage practical checking

Taiwan design indicators: a person of extraordinary powers curtilage Chen Lianwu

most of the domestic luxury design, although the magnificence, but always feel a bit lonely at the top, into which only felt luxurious, yet feel the warmth of home and earthly fireworks, investigate its reason is that the designer for life atmosphere build weren't good enough. People are not machines, it is not enough to meet the needs of physics, and psychological needs, these needs are in the form of a material, organic, handling of sunshine, lighting design to meet.

ShiHeng according to

on July 7, high-end lighting design checking

building lighting authority: ShiHeng according to

a city, a building, a landscape, a spot in the street, commercial space, its character is shaped by the light, more was attached to life quality of lighting design gives the unique theme, style, depth, emotion, colour and atmosphere. Decorate beautification environment and create the lighting is the important means of artistic atmosphere, to decorate the interior space, increase the spatial hierarchy, rendering environment atmosphere. Lighting is not necessarily more as well, with strong win, the key is scientific and reasonable.

jia eight do

on July 8, high-end designs checking

senior master of feng shui design: jia eight do

the core idea of feng shui is the harmony of man and nature, indoor fengshui is a kind of Chinese traditional feng shui, feng shui, including the sitting room dining-room to feng shui, the kitchen and bedroom feng shui feng shui. Of & feng shui is phase, namely the on-the-spot school was made in the geography method, also called phase, called kanyu technique, is a research environment and the law of the universe's philosophy. In feng shui in the household design, can let a space design more reasonable.

Vincent wai lam and

July 9 star hotel checking

China Hong Kong architect: Vincent wai lam and

star hotel design not only to art deco. Actually create a rich space shape, pay attention to scientific, pursuing peace casual, free state is more important, to have a clear and unified theme. With unified planning and design, made the conception is priceless and connotation, this is the design of every designer should pursue. Speaks decoration popular but more individual character, the specific environment different, taste the pursuit of cultural background and customs is different, can produce different effect.

this 【 Marble ceramic factory ️ marble tile & reg; Design master camp 】 Through

high-end elite students

high standard


real creative high-end checking share


a person of extraordinary powers curtilage checking checking/light/villa design/family/star hotel checking project practical

let you learn by the

in the ideological quality

five days to burn the brainstem goods

in the Marble ceramic factory ️ & reg; Design master camp 】

together look forward to the imperial hotel in Shanghai on July 5, official classes!
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