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{ The brilliant ceramic marble factory people in the third quarter,} Strategy: fast design collocation

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
The brilliant ceramic marble factory, cohesion reengineering;
in the first quarter of 2014, we speak & build consensus;
in the second quarter of 2015, we speak & sales of actual combat;
in the third quarter of 2016, we speak & design collocation;

design collocation;
design collocation experts;
marble tile design collocation experts;
I am a marble tile design collocation experts; On May 25 solstice
26, pottery foshan;
the gives prize & marble ceramic factory in the third quarter, brilliant!

lots products will talk
the morning of May 25, marble, marble tile ceramic factory product how to match? Marble marble tile ceramic factory how to sell? Marble marble tile product research and development direction of the ceramic factory?
we solve together with communication, for the new product sales and brand value power;

lots drawing will talk
in the afternoon of May 25, how the product the shop is stuck with the application? How to quickly rendering tiles and space rendering? How to effective teaching, to practice? Marble tile accessories how to apply, etc. ;
ceramic factory factory specialized DIY custom marble marble shop sticks ceramic tile products and application software, fast rendering has the texture rendering space;

lots strength will talk
in the evening on May 25, the brilliant ceramic marble factory people each big theater outstanding manager/resident designer for { I am the marble tile design collocation experts} Title, the participants involved in WeChat voted for the national top three, the reward; Communication is productivity, true strength will talk!

will talk lots works
the morning of May 26, China marble spelling a flower industry representative, a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the exclusive design custom experts, stone artist wang teacher and engaged in half a century & stone craftsmen godfather Italy Mr Budri gentleman ( His masterpiece is the ABU dhabi grand mosque) On the ground, subject to share reading 'marble and space collocation of art', that is absolutely shock, opportunity is rare, wait and see!

in half a century of Italian godfather Mr Budri & stone craftsmen, ABU dhabi grand mosque is his masterpiece!

like marble spelling a flower with space on behalf of the people on the ground, both the international famous model space engineering cases analyzed, expand the international field of vision; And international and domestic luxury villa marble pavement application, spelling a flower art and space collocation of actual combat experience to share. Expand horizons and actual combat experience two not mistake!
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