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Sina: marble marble tile ceramic factory in black and white lines in search of the Greek mythology

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-28
What comes to Greece, the first?

is the romantic only beautiful Greek myth, or the Aegean sea rippling?

is presented with the classical architecture, or the Mediterranean charming scenes?

Greece knocked over the white pigments, painted with the color of love.

today's leading role is

marble ceramic factory Greek marble black and white line,

use paint a black and white lines,

vivid and natural, of primitive simplicity of living environment.

Greece black and white line

models: TM15D792PR

specification: 750 * 1500 mm

( A)

more than a stone surface & middot; Appearance feeling

is the marble tile attracted at the first glance, large areas of white brick floating on the surface of the thickness, depth of the black lines of each different, distribution of natural and clever, it is difficult to find two pieces of brick texture context. The shop is stuck effect is very simple and refined, like place oneself the mountain forest, give you a sense of tranquility.

( 2) Texture details

when we entered the watch, black lines such as ink into the rice paper, natural diffusion, or strong or elegant, there are parallel, have convergence, crisscross, as carefree as flowing.

it is understood that the marble marble black and white ceramic factory line, the original stone material originated in Greece, extraction of natural marble 1% manufactured a-side acura, feel is fruity, more than A stone surface, the shop is stuck effect more perfect.

( 3)

specifications and flatness

ceramic factory this Greek marble black and white line specifications for 750 * 1500 mm, small make up after measurement, really accurate. Square measurements, perfectly. Roughness directly affect the effect of tile shop is stuck, good product specifications, in favor of the later construction and effect of the product.

( 4)

abrasion resistance and resistance to fouling

test abrasion resistance and antifouling performance also is one of the criteria for a piece of ceramic tile, ceramic tile shop in metope and ground, will knock against and getting dirty, good product glaze has the stronger hardness, can prevent from scratching, easy to clean.

we use sharp blow screwdriver back and forth in the product surface, observe the surface and no any trace; Write with the whiteboard pen in ceramic tile surface, after waiting for the ink completely dry, wipe gently with towel, bright and clean like new.

( 5)

the absorption rate and density

as we all know, is the use of special clay sintering ceramic tile, after 3600 & deg; High temperature calcination repeatedly, hardness is strong, product density, bibulous rate is low, we will fall in ceramic tile the reverse side water, pure observation, after 3 minutes, water absorption, edge without diffusion, validation product waterproof properties is good, don't worry about wet rainy season already.

( 6) Nodule

through the appearance of the product, details, specifications, performance, test, and we see black and white marble marble tile ceramic factory Greece line products perfect performance. Only the exterior of the ceramic tile can attract the attention of many people, more than 99. 9% of stone reduction degree, mohs hardness and antifouling properties were greater than 5, the most rare is the stone surface of N, in black and white lines to create infinite daydream space.

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