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Running, marble, ceramic factory; Run, 2016!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
How time flies, time flies, we are in the running off the 2015, also in the running for a hopeful 2016. Back in 2015, have fun with sweat, we from scratch, since the childhood, gone through hardships and exciting journey, everyone in their own positions, take efforts to do a a proud of marble ceramic factory.

starts, February 20, 2016 at 9 a. m. on Saturday, marble, marble tile ceramic factory in order to promote the mutual understanding between the department staff, strengthen the team cooperation spirit, active cultural atmosphere of the company. Company to run &, marble, ceramic factory; Run, 2016! As the theme of the game activities, and organized a four people 3 foot, throw a shuttlecock, clip games such as table tennis, tearing brand to enrich employees amateur cultural life, enhance the communication between colleagues.

heard about to organize games, each with his colleagues. At 9 am, we unified the destination site preparation to participate in the activities of the game.

group warm-up

4 groups 3 foot game

groups threw the shuttlecock

group clamp table tennis

group tore designer

the collective activities, to participate, either the first or last name, you have a good time is the real first. Through this activity, not only enrich the spare life of employees, create a harmonious atmosphere, improve team cohesion, and achieve the purpose of the mix, and physical fitness, showed the marble ceramic factory & will be the person will do things life staff image.

marble marble tile ceramic factory group photo

in 2016, marble, marble tile ceramic factory have such teams to buck up, monkey sai!

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