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Running, marble, ceramic factory!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
On December 26, 2015, the Chinese ceramic industry & sharp run marathons in foshan city, green island HuGuangChang shocked to run. More than 1000 contestants from all over the society to the green island lake flooding avenue.

marble marble tile ceramic factory marketing headquarters is part of the team before the game sprint to

convincing the sport is the marathon spirit & ndash; — Challenge themselves, beyond the limit, perseverance, never give up and strong focus. This marathon spirit not only hone number of participants, but also influence the more audiences, permeate the whole city, to shape the city marathon spirit, add vitality for urban development.

2015 years of Chinese ceramic industry & reebok marathon marched preheating

8:20 formally to run in the morning, marble, marble tile ceramic factory marketing headquarters team as a group actively preparing for, the athlete by nearly 40 marble ceramic factory teams composed of friends, to run marathon in 2015 China ceramics industry. In in the last month, the marble marble tile ceramic factory friends seem to be in the contest a triumphant, open a New Year of the monkey.

marble marble tile ceramic factory in the process of the race team

marla loosen the running process, the marble marble tile ceramic factory not only recorded before and after the contest, team spirit, more of a lead healthy sports attitude. We do not pursue how fast and how far is it to run, also hope that in this fast-paced market jogging, keep a healthy lifestyle of green environmental protection, in the process of jogging enjoy competition green breath, fine with environmental protection in the process of jogging warmth.

the run 13 km surprise tidbits

the run 13 km surprise tidbits

jogging is not only a person's way of life, is three to five like-minded people. Marble marble tile ceramic factory, from the nature, focus on stone.

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