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by:Afaithstone     2020-03-23
In recent years, retro decoration has been returning in fashion and is a necessary condition for decorating the house.Designers prefer it and now there are countless ideas to make your house look retro without necessarily spending a lot of money.It is important to know what makes our home decor retro.
So we can decorate all the space of the house with selective changes and elaborate decorations without having to change the whole house!First of all, you need to pay high attention to furniture, colors, fabrics and accessories.Choose furniture with a strong angle, such as shiny colors such as green, yellow and pink.You can still choose a combination of geometric patterns (flowers and patterns), white and black on the fabric and walls, as well as popular art accessories and flowers.
The first way to transform the kitchen into a retro style is to place a white curved wooden cabinet.Even if you don\'t have this financial ability to change all your cabinets, you can change the existing furniture.Metal chairs with leather or strong patterns on fabric and metal tables will give you the feeling of 50 in the kitchen.
You can also add some kitchen tile inspiration with particularly strong geometric patterns, patterns and colors.The furniture that gives you the retro style of the living room is those with strong lines and curves.You can put a glass corner table with rounded corners and a wooden armchair with rounded edges.
You can also choose a wooden living room table with sharp corners, a round sofa with bright yellow, green, red or floral design.These are the furniture you need to have first in order to achieve the style you want.Another way to get a retro style in the living room is to replace the accessories if you don\'t want to change the furniture.
Replace the pillows on the sofa, the paintings on the wall, and replace them with new pillows in bright colors and geometric patterns.The classic white sofa looks retro.Placing wallpaper on the wall can also make your living room look vintage.Wallpaper with green and floral patterns will completely change your living room.
However, if your living room is small, you need to be careful because the bright wallpaper will put a burden on the space of your eyes.Also be careful in the choice of decoration, because the combination of many vintage items will be exaggerated.If you are a fan of retro decor, the bedroom is probably the most important decoration space.
Pure personal space, we take the time to relax and enjoy the environment we create.We decorate it mainly to meet the needs of US and all the others, because in essence we only spend time in the bedroom.Retro bedroom has many ideas.If you like the style of flowers and romance, you can put them on the wall, on the curtains and on the bed as wallpaper.
Pop art is also a dynamic trend with strong green walls, bright colors in Andy Warhol\'s pop art paintings and bedroom accessories (red glasses, yellow pillows.Finally, for Indian style enthusiasts, you can choose furniture with strong patterns and colors and combine it with soft beige on walls and sheets so they don\'t get tired.Retro decoration is a gorgeous choice to keep up with the fashion trend, but in order to avoid excessive, you need to pay attention to the combination.
If you want to achieve retro decoration in your own house, flowers, bold colors and geometric patterns are the means
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