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Respect of person of outstanding ability, marble marble tile ceramic factory geared to the needs of the whole society to solicit AD!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Marble marble tiles, ceramic factory gene inheritance & natural marble, dealers joined more than 200 national development, product sales to more than 60 countries such as Germany, Italy, Europe and the United States.

3600 m & marketing headquarters sup2; , good production base of 300 mu, 4 production lines, annual output of more than 1300 square meters. In 2018, has been hailed as a & the first brand of soft light marble tiles.

to feedback the general consumer user's support and encouragement, salute to the social elite, marble marble tile ceramic factory now faces the society from all walks of life pay for slogan!

collection content description

slogan 20 characters, concise, catchy, strong appeal; Can highlight the marble marble tile ceramic factory product characteristics, brand advantage and so on, easy to spread love and let the target consumer groups.

collection way and the process

1. Marble marble tile ceramic factory, public, and in the dialog box to send creative work to the public, note the name + contact way.

2. For high-level official screening for screening, experts and other internal vote, bonuses have been ready, prize money a word! The exquisite gift is outstanding person can obtain the reward!

3. This article comments below to accept Wen Dian praise, top ten all can get a gift!

cut-off time: on May 27, 2018, ( Sunday)

warm prompt

1. AD once use, the copyright is owned by marble marble tile ceramic factory, there will be someone contact you won the prize.

2. Within the scope of the laws and regulations allow, the successful marble marble tile ceramic factory reserves the right for final interpretation of all!

inspiration reference

the following is a reference to marble marble tile ceramic factory original AD:

heroes do not ask the source,

ideas regardless of their background,

your full of talent,

to cast the opportunity to come!
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