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by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
Glass mosaics are making a comeback.
Designers use this art form in unique applications, providing a contemporary twist for this ancient technology.
Commercial real estate, luxury homes and swank shopping centers are the medium of artistic expression.
Not always so charming, however!
Earlier this was just the worst half of the bathroom wall --
Try interior design.
Nowadays, there are many companies that offer a wide variety of textures and design possibilities specifically for glass mosaics. UK-
Based on the ShellShock design, it is a company that provides various textures and designs in glass mosaics.
Recently, the company has appointed dealers in Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and India to expand emerging markets to provide better opportunities for growth.
\"We are already operating in the area and our work is on the outer walls of palaces, hotels and villas in Saudi Arabia and the UAE,\" says Jonathan Kay of ShellShock design . \".
According to him, designers are rediscovering the magic of mosaics.
\"The tiny pieces of glass that magically gather together can weave kaleidoscope-like colors on walls, floors, and even now furniture.
The potential medium has the ability to breathe completely and easily.
\"The unexpected and moving, glass mosaics can provide depth and design that makes it an easy solution to revitalize any space in the home or office,\" Kaye said . \".
He said that the tiles of ShellShock are perfect in size, the edges are oblique, the back is a key hole and can be properly bonded.
Like all glass mosaics, they are provided with sheets, usually 300 by 300mm in size, mounted on the fiberglass Web.
The sizes of individual mosaic pieces range from 10 by 10mm to 50 by 50mm.
However, the company also shares mom-of-
Pearl mosaic tile, marble mosaic Medal, luminous slate and packaged resin slate.
Inspired by the skin and pixel interactions, designers, architects and homeowners have chosen glass mosaics as a compelling interior and exterior design application.
However, as a form of artistic expression, glass mosaics have been around for a long time.
In fact, the use of mosaics on walls and floors dates back to Roman times.
The word \"mosaic\" itself originated in Rome, meaning a work of art done patiently.
The ancient art forms survived the ups and downs of the Roman Empire and then moved to the land of the Egyptian pharaoh.
As we all know, glass mosaic is also very popular in the Renaissance.
Although it has a place in Asia in the past few decades, today\'s mosaic art is said to be mostly inspired by ancient Italian technology.
The depth of color is combined with the reflective properties of the glass to produce a unique and dramatic effect ---
Make the media an interesting material for families and modern commercial buildings.
\"Glass mosaics are suitable for both internal and external applications as they are not affected by frost, sunlight and water.
In addition, they are more difficult than granite, easy to clean, maintain and hardly change color.
Designers claim that they will continue to maintain a dazzling look in the years to come! \" says Kaye.
He continued: \"architects around the world have tried the most unusual design of glass mosaics ---
Draw inspiration from nature, art, poetry, culture and life.
The glass mosaic has rainbow colors, metals, swirls, glass, stones and crystals with many different finishes.
This is not all, you can combine these finishes with a variety of textures ---
Virgin, smelting, half
Gold-plated and frosted valuables.
Each of these types is obtained by heat treatment at varying degrees of extreme heat to achieve its countless appearance.
\"There is no end to choice in terms of applications.
Kitchen tailgate, bathroom shower wall, bath surround, fireplace, pool and spa are the most popular applications.
Whether you want to feel the traditional atmosphere of the Mediterranean bathhouse or want to use large floral patterns in the Oriental style, anything can be achieved as long as the material is perfectly balanced.
Whether the design is shiny, soft, bright or soft, there is a mosaic series that meets most of the goals.
So think about the design first.
For example, if you believe in the simplicity of the bathroom, choose a black and white contrast or even better geometric design, and use white and gray pixels to make the environment more calm.
Mix translucent and rainbow-colored mosaics to add an elegant feel.
\"Kaye says there are three components in the mosaic design ---
Form, color and decoration.
Once you have chosen the type of Mosaic, you need to choose the color as this defines the atmosphere of the space.
Choose a solid color or custom blend, which is unique to your space.
Glass mosaics have always been the most elegant choice for swimming pools and jogging trails.
Due to the translucent properties of glass pixels, one can effectively capture the interaction of water, light and color, calling natural elements the spirit.
Many times, designers use the theme of marine life in the swimming pool.
Glass mosaics are provided with unusual textures and are also a good choice for the bathroom.
\"Choose a solid color or mosaic mixture to add a gorgeous color to the Jacuzzi.
The mosaic will stick to the bathroom space like the skin, and even shape itself around the shape of the circle.
The designer believes that rainbow-colored glass mosaic is a good material for nightclubs, casinos and entertainment venues;
The traditional glass mosaic is considered the most durable glass mosaic and is widely used in the swimming pool.
Crystal is a translucent glass mosaic variety that is usually combined with other forms to obtain a complex design.
However, due to the ease of scratch, it is not recommended to be widely used on the floor.
\"Stone and metal materials are great decorative building materials because they give off a sense of luxury,\" he suggested . \".
\"This trend is becoming more and more popular in today\'s fashion --The conscious world
Glass is considered fragile, but glass mosaic is not.
They also keep walking safely because the seam gap between the pieces will bring them backAnti-slip performance. \" What\'s in?
According to the ShellShock design for the manufacture and sale of glass mosaics, fusion is in progressof-
Many interior decoration materials such as Pearl mosaic shells.
\"Combining different types of glass mosaics and glass mosaics with other materials such as wood, marble and granite adds more grade to the interior.
\"Photo mosaic is another interesting concept,\" he said.
\"You can pick up a design or photo and transfer the photo to your wall, floor or whatever you want in the form of a glass pixel.
The use of glass mosaic in furniture is also gradually rising.
In the past, the designer used it for outdoor furniture such as sofas and chairs to achieve amazing results.
\"The booming luxury market has led more and more architects and interior designers to start turning to aesthetic glass mosaics to find unique interior solutions on different surfaces.
\"It\'s a perfect choice for a market that is moving towards creating customized solutions that suit individual preferences,\" he concluded . \".
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