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by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
Marianne loricott
22,1998 tiles have been in service all the time, but it is no longer a lack of style. Subway-
White may still be their basic black, but after 50 years of institutional calm, tile makers are rediscovering the power of the tiles fictional delight and incentive.
Thanks to the new market for colors, sizes and materials, simple brick walls have become a world of choice.
Textures and palettes in North Africa, Latin America and the Middle East are being translated into the most surprising interior decoration of the day ---with tile.
Craftsmen in the United States are also rethinking the idea of Arts and Crafts movement, copying from the cornerof-the-
New design.
Tile for every taste today-
For the modernists who revel in the brightly colored fields and the protectors who need copies of history.
To appreciate the richness of the tiles, it is only necessary to investigate dozens of new stores in New York.
After receiving the call, Bisazza, a manufacturer based in Vicenza and Ex Inc. , Italy
The new exhibition hall, which took root in Sardinia, opened grandly.
\"People are tired of the old face of grandiose, marble --
\"Flat surface,\" says New York designer Stephen Sears . \".
The appearance of handmade tiles is more personal and less smooth.
For people who like color, Italian glass
Mosaic tiles correspond to the modernist palette of 1960s and are now very popular.
\"Tiles also work with other materials, such as metals and stones, to take away some of the void boredom from the traditional look of complete tiles.
David Moorman, New York architect, used two kinds of glass
In the nearest loft bathroom building, mosaic tiles and wide and thin lime stones play for their gems --
Translucent tone, suede
Like textures and subtle shades.
\"Either the whole room is too much,\" said Mr. Mullman said.
\"A material is too hard to accept.
\"Advertising has been a symbol of civilization for 6,000 years, but it still has some tricks at the end of the century.
Technological advances have had an amazing impact on small producers and large factories working in ceramic workshops.
The shape also broke the grid with bricks.
Like oblongs and scallops.
Edge border panel.
The innovation of glass brings rich choice of color.
Still, some of the state-of-the-art tile production today still looks like it was in 1910, with low technical content.
\"It may seem like this, but this technology allows small kilns to use improved Clay, glaze and firing techniques,\" said Marcello Napoleone, who owns Ex: Inc . \"
With his wife, Amy.
Three years ago--
Even a few years ago-small-
Tile production in the United States and Europe depends on local clay and glass minerals.
Now, materials can be introduced from anywhere to improve the process and glaze.
Only small tiles 50 years ago-
Four, 5 inch square meters-
Can Press.
Now, it\'s not uncommon to find 12.
Inch or even 16-inch squares.
\"Designers are using big tiles because they say big tiles make the small room look bigger,\" said Christina Abbate, an Italian tile industry consultant . \".
\"Peter Sallick owns water plants, 20 stores in the United States specializing in the production of handmade American tiles from small workshops.
He sells a series of larger, building tiles inspired by building materials.
They look like white wall panels or bead panels when installed.
\"The tiles are getting more and more like wallpaper or paneling,\" he said . \"
\"People are more satisfied with the tiles and more complicated about the way they use them.
Peter Stamberg of construction company Stamberg & Aferiat uses tiles to inject Matisse-
Like the color of modernist architecture, like the color he adds to the 60-year-old Ocean
Front facing house designed by Charles Gwathmey.
The floor was originally made of earth tones;
The company is replacing them with vivid new tiles to make the house look less rustic.
In the kitchen in the Upper East Side, designers used one of the latest innovations in the industry, terrazzo tiles made from strongly colored glass fragments on the polymer base, achieving the effect of urbanization.
Unlike the classic terrazzo, this terrazzo is made of stone scraps made of cement and is easy to manageor 16-inch-square tiles --
And a lot of colors.
The advertisement for choosing tiles is similar to the fabric for choosing Interior Decoration: Some people like wool instead of cotton, but not everyone can afford silk.
Both ceramic and glass are hard and durable surfaces that are not damp.
Therefore, the choice between glass and ceramics is either aesthetic or budget.
Some basic tile Talk: The tiles are fired in the kiln.
The higher a tile Burns, the stronger it will be. Low-
Fired tiles are suitable for walls but should not be used on the floor.
Handmade tiles are not as strong as industrial-made tiles pressed with great force.
Glass tiles are a combination of sand and minerals that add color.
Through a process called annealing, the tiles cool very slowly, making the glass less brittle than the tumbler glass.
Glass manufacturers also add a very fine sand, called silica, to the basic sand mixture, which makes the tiles have a higher impact capability.
Both the glass and the tiles have textures and relief surfaces, with dozens of colors. Tiny glass-
Mosaic Tiles now appear on easy-to-install mesh pieces and have greater flexibility in covering surfaces.
In a small room, the glass reflects light and seems to bring depth of field to the wall.
\"The glass tiles are sparkling and vibrant,\" said designer Marcia bagin . \" She considered herself a modernist.
She just designed a 28-foot glass-
The Adobe mosaic wall in the client\'s living room.
The floor is also tiled with the same glass in black, pewter and copper.
But the quality of the tiles is not available from the glass tiles.
Architect Peter Marino is attracted by American ceramic handmade tilesof-the-
Century Art and Crafts design.
What he likes most is custom.
Made by a pottery artist in a small workshop.
\"The quality of no two tiles is the same when handmade, and today people like the quality of this craft,\" he said . \".
He just used American handmade tiles for the pool he designed. -
Athens in Greece
Handmade tiles are still a cottage industry here.
The number of craftsmen has increased;
They are mainly located in California, with hundreds of people in the Midwest and East, close to universities with large ceramic departments.
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Nancy Epstein, owner of art tiles in New York, said, \"craftsmen are extraordinary . \" The company began exporting American tiles to Europe.
\"This is a switch,\" she said . \".
Handmade tiles are more expensive than machines-
But you buy art.
\"In addition to aesthetic considerations, there is a major reason to consider ceramics instead of glass bricks: it\'s cheaper.
There are many options for cheap tiles.
But there is no cheap glass.
The printing machine can produce more tiles while the machine cuts a square foot of glass mosaic.
In addition, the raw materials of the glass must be pure for clarity and color.
Base ceramics cost $1 to $3 per square footcolor material;
Glass starts at $8 to more than $10. Mr.
Napoleon said that 95% of the glass tiles in the United States were made by machines, from Italy, and that the best Italian glass was made by two manufacturers ---
Bisazza and Sicis.
Both companies offer dozens of colors, some with rubs
Gold and Platinum finishes and others.
The glass of Sicis is made of enamel, which produces a greater color density and less transparency than the glass of Bisazza.
\"Tile is a fashion product . \"
Napoleon said of this trend.
\"But that doesn\'t mean you can\'t make a beautiful bathroom that lasts forever on a limited budget.
\"Mario Paone, president of Sicis North America, said that in the past five years, his company\'s glass --
Mosaic sales grew by 25% per year.
Donato Glazer, consultant to the Italian tile Association in New York, said Ceramics
Over the past decade, the ceramic tile market here has grown by 8 to 10% a year.
Peter Marino\'s favorite tile is not new;
He likes antique tiles and rarely uses them to achieve good decorative effects, such as on the stove in the kitchen or around the fireplace.
Antique Tiles are one. of-a-
Like old China or silver;
Dealers specializing in antique tiles can be found at antique exhibitions and trade fairs.
Pedro Leto, who opened solar tiles in 1989, collected solar tiles from his home country, Portugal.
In 1947, his father, an antique dealer in Lisbon, began buying tiles for their own 17 thcentury home.
\"My father overbought it . \"
\"A business was born,\" said Leitao.
Most of his stock is on the 18 th. and 19th-
Century tiles, 85% from Portugal and the rest from the Netherlands, China, Germany and Turkey.
He also made a series of customized products.
Made, ready to copy tiles.
They cost $17 to $30 per tile, compared to hundreds or even thousands of dollars for vintage bricks with rare specimens. Mr.
Leitao will advise the customer the correct way to install antique bricks in order to remove them when the customer moves.
Remember to shop carefully.
Many tile shops have similar items, but the prices are different.
Choose the tiles you like.
Art is long, life is short.
Expert guide to tile installation, page 8.
Where to buy the new tile style antique tiles at 306 East 61 Street ,(212)755-
2403, is an antique and replica tile showroom owned by left Pedro Leto.
Antique tiles start at $20, but they cost thousands of dollars.
Custom Replica
$17 to $30 per watt. Ex: Inc.
155 East 56 Street (212)758-
2593. sell all kinds of ceramic, glass and stone tiles from Italy.
Glazed tiles have spider webs-like cracks;
This effect brings depth to the color and makes the appearance softer (from $5.
50 square feet). Tiles-
Featured, 227 East 59 Street (212)813-
9391, selling tiles and glass tiles, including colored terrazzo
Glass fragments in polymer bases from Italy, Mexico and the United States, both machine-made and hand-made.
Tile prices range from $6 to $150 per square foot. Glass-
Mosaic Tiles range from $17 to $60 per square foot and are produced in Italy, the United States and Canada.
Bisazza, 12 West 23d Street ,(212)463-
0624, provided 62-
Production of glass color line-
Depending on the color, mosaic tiles in Vicenza, Italy range from $8 to $23 per square foot. A hand-blown, hand-
Cutting line called Oro, 24-
Between Karat gold leaf glass, the price starts at $400 per square foot. Machine-
Start making 25 color Le Gemme for $22.
38 square feet.
Ceramica Arnon, 134 West 20 Street ,(212)807-0876.
Third place Arnon Zadok
A generation of tile craftsmen and installers designed custom handmade tiles in a small workshop in the north;
$45 to $100 per watt.
His shop also offers Venetian glass
Mosaic tiles for $13.
$75 to $32 per square foot. Artist-
Tile prices range from $6 to $100.
US standard tile $2.
Square feet.
Fyji tile company, 55 hayster Street (Essex Street), (212)219-
1184, industrial sales-
Provide quality tiles to the public at the same price as commercial contractors.
This is a good resource for ordinary machines
Tile: white, gray or beige, $1.
25 square feet.
Water Plant, 469 Bloom Street (Greene Street), (212)966-
0605, mainly handmade art-and-crafts-
Style tile made in USA.
Prices range from $13 to $136 per square foot. And glass-
Mosaic tiles with borders are $60 to $100 linear feet.
Art tiles, 79 Fifth Avenue (16th Street), (212)727-
9331, offers a large number of tiles and glass tiles from $3.
50 square feet of machine-
Handmade tiles, $45 to $50 per square foot.
They can combine hand-made and production tiles to work with tight budgets.
$23 per square foot glass mosaic.
Marble tiles engraved on the 16 th-
The century Italian method called aquaforte has a variety of sizes to choose from. A six-
The square inch tile is $45.
Hastings Tile, 230 Park Avenue (19th Street), (212)674-
9700, the source of the Brazilian hand Vidrotil
Cold Cut mosaic-ripple surface; $10.
50 square feet in 21 colors.
And two rows of mosaic glass.
Debao AdvertisementHome Expo, led by 1250 enterprises, West Bray, N. Y. , (516)222-
0990, selling machine-
Tiles and tiles made in Mexico, Italy, Spain and the United States, as well as some handmade items;
$2 to $6 per square foot.
Decorative tiles with borders: $2.
$15 to $51 per watt.
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