Since 2012, Afaithstone have been specialized in marble mosaic tile and marble floor tiles.

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Quality control

Quality control


we have Online inspection ,final inspection and box package and loading check to assure what our customer requires is fulfilled .


I  Piece by piece checking :

we have piece by 100% quality check with piece by piece checking on color ,thickness ,chips ,finishes and cuttings etc.

For Example: Color and quality checks:


1-1piece by piece check

4-3final quality check
1-5piece by piece checking
1-3quality control
1-4inspection of thickness and color


2. Thickness Check


3. Surface polish Check



II  Final random check of products


4-2color sorting-2
4-1color consistence inspection

III  Box packaging check


5 box pacake
5-2box quantity check


VI Crate packaging and Loading


6-1crate packaging check
6-2loading check

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