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Mr Headlines | Zhang Nianchao join marble ceramic factory, the start 'marble ceramic factories and premium plan' the locomotive!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
On April 20, 2018, said the old cow & middot; Face-to-face program invites well-known professor to industry & CEO, marketing person, gold medal. 。 。 。 - - - Mr Zhang Nianchao. He is talking about the future competition, brand + ( Team) 。

the most care, and women in the interview process is also the entire industry's focus is on, he will go next?

review on January 8, 2018, marble, marble tile ceramic factory fourth national distributor summit, a famous young entrepreneurs marble tile, marble, ceramic factories Lin Zhu chairman Mr Right type in all the countries sharing & area economy enlightenment and discuss together & enjoy the management idea, the group signed a strategic cooperation with shenzhen China, setting up scientific mechanism of pass in and out of, make ceramic factory & marble premium plan. The plan is set this year or more in the future the high-level, high-quality dealer involved holding share out bonus, common create & marble ceramic factory brand! This us enjoy plan is also attracted Mr Zhang Nianchao & join marble ceramic factory, become directors & high quality gold channel.

bring famous young entrepreneurs marble tile, marble, ceramic factories Lin Zhu chairman Mr Right fourth national distributor summit in marble ceramic factory share & marble ceramic factory in premium plan

and more attract Zhang Nianchao Sir Is for natural marble marble ceramic factory & gene, product quality, design and color, such as process get accepted industry, has been hailed as a & the first brand of soft light marble tiles. Ceramic factory in order to speed up the marble marble tile & enjoy planning system to carry out, marble, ceramic factory brand rapid development pace, enhance brand marketing system, make every person on the value chain has more benefits and rewards! Marble marble tile and ceramic factory, combining the Mr Zhang Nianchao plan three to five years rapid opening of a new marble marble tile ceramic factory!

bring marble marble tiles & ceramic factory natural marble gene inheritance development

here, congratulations to Mr Zhang Nianchao over 16 years of career, joining marble ceramic factory, become a director!

congratulations to Mr Zhang Nianchao as marble marble tile ceramic factory director, vice general manager!

believe marble marble tile ceramic factory will be more brilliant tomorrow!

marble ceramic factory, a world of, the inheritance of the world!

bring marble marble tile ceramic factory director deputy general manager & ndash; — Mr Zhang Nianchao

Zhang Nianchao, a former two build contented group deputy general manager. Visiting professor of jingdezhen ceramic institute, China household gold CEO, China built TaoXingYe person of the year, China built TaoXingYe outstanding character, the guangdong province ten outstanding professional managers, China furniture industry, and top 10 professional fashion figure. Industry known & famous professor.
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