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Mosaic Tile on a Coffee Table Made Easy

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
Sometimes even the favorite coffee table becomes obsolete or just boring.However, it is difficult to throw a good piece of furniture away just because it is no longer suitable for your decoration, so consider giving it a facelift.Don\'t buy a new one, turn that old coffee table into an inspired artwork with mosaic tiles to create an interesting focus for your home.You will save money and get compliments from family and friends.Tie the cardboard to the table top and turn it over from below with a pencil to track the shape of the top.Use a knife without a hobby.11 or similar blades-cut out the shape of the cardboard and transfer it to a piece of 1/4-Inch tile back panel and 3/4-One inch plywood.Cut the back plate and plywood individually into the size and shape of the cardboard template with a jigsaw puzzle.Fix the plywood on the table top with 1 1/4-Corner and 4-inch wooden screwsto 6-Intervals of inches along the edge.Repeat with the tile back plate at the top of the plywood-slightly offset 1/2-To avoid hitting the wood screws below, inch sheet metal or drywall screws.The back panel is provided with plywood 1-Inch edges on the table, used to add decorative tile edges to the perimeter for a cleaner surface.Plan your mosaic design on a cardboard template-arrange mosaic tiles in any pattern you like ---Maintain a uniform spacing between each tile on all sides, and also leave room for edge tiles.According to the product description, apply the thin mortar or tile adhesive to the top and side of the edge of the desktop with an putty knife first.Or, apply the \"butter\" adhesive on the back of the edgetiles (L-A shape piece designed separately for the edge before setting the edge.Either way.Take all the sidesFirst around the surrounding tiles to create the frame that other tiles fit.Apply more thin or tile adhesive to the back plate, a small area at a time, then transfer the mosaic tile from the cardboard template to the back plate, remember your design and make sure the spacing between the tiles is uniform.Again, you can choose to butter the back of each tile individually.Press the tiles firmly on the back panel to remove the bubbles and ensure good contact.Allow the thin or tile adhesive to be placed for 10 or 15 minutes or according to the product direction.Before drying, wipe any adhesive with a damp and clean sponge.Apply pre-mixed grouting and disperse the entire tile surface and edge with a rubber float or scraper to fill all the gaps.Carefully scrape the surface-keep the rubber scratch at 45-The degree angle relative to the grouting space to remove the excess material.Before wiping the surface with a wet sponge and clear water, let the mud solidify for about 15 minutes.Rinse the sponge constantly in clear water to remove excess mud and prevent it from applying to the tile.Allow grouting to be set for 24 hours before sanding any remaining grouting film from the surface of the tile with a dry soft cloth.
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