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Marble tiles decorate collocation

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Marble tile in texture, color, texture, feel and visual effect and realistic effect of natural marble, its adornment effect is even better than natural stone material, and the production process more environmental protection, has been more and more consumers. As a representative of the top ceramic tile production technology, marble tile is very exquisite collocation, reasonable collocation is tall, unreasonable collocation is like some female star designer clothes to wear out the street cheap feeling. So, when marble ceramic tile of choose and buy, how to match is the first issue to consider.

marble tiles before the choose and buy, must first clear decorate a style, generally marble tiles in Europe type style, classical style and mix building a style is easier to play. Below, we are in three styles respectively for interpretation, and recommend suitable for these three style ceramic tile for you. Hope I can for you to choose collocation marble tile have some reference value. Modern contracted style

marble tiles for contemporary and contracted style decorating, main show is a kind of modernism, so simple gray with white or texture is generally selected as the background, gray or ink shallow grain marble shop sticks ceramic tile can build a luxurious temperament, can make whole bedroom space again with rich culture breath, more reflect master elegant quality of life. Classic style

the light color of brown, yellow or white marble tiles can dilute the dark and depressing atmosphere of the classical household decorates. Classical household environment general color is deeper, and choose colour and lustre downy, uniform texture, delicate with light marble tiles to decorate can dilute the depressing atmosphere of whole household space, and can enhance the space in the broad sense, let a space is very quiet, soft, all show low-key costly style.

mix building a style

on mix building a style of decoration, to pay attention to the simple and complex marble tile, brunet with light color is tie-in. If it is contracted style, space color should choose light color series, this time can match the style a little exaggeration, design and color is a bit complicated marble tiles, let whole space appear distinct personality.
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