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Marble marble tile ceramic factory to congratulate Yu Gong happy birthday!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-28
Yu Gong in decoration industry renowned and & Yu Gong is the industry of Yu Jing jiangxi addressed. All employees, all the friends and customers call him Yu Gong, even Yu Gong his son called so, over time, real name & Yu Jing jiangxi has been forgotten, Yu Gong Yu Jing gan. On September 14, 2018 for Yu Gong birthday, marble marble tiles in the ceramics factory to congratulate Yu Gong happy birthday;

origin design # #, values, the exchange of visits between mutual trust and depth of cooperation;

on September 19, 2016, marble marble tile ceramic factory changde flagship store opening ceremony formally, Yu Gong and invited speakers. During a visit to the marble marble tile ceramic factory changde flagship store after confirmed & from nature, focus on the product research and development demands of feeling, affirmed the & sense of volunteers all over the world, the management of the heritage of the world mind; And praise: marble tile & marble ceramic factory contribute to environmental protection, the natural stone products reflects the texture of stone material, color is very full. Decided on the spot, set a marble ceramic factory marketing headquarters and production base.

on March 27, 2017, marble, marble tile ceramic factory formal Yu Jing gan, hand in hand together to form a milan international HOAA art design group. Marble marble tile ceramic factory as a high-end category strategy cooperation brand ceramic tile, headquartered in the world of fashion design & ndash; — Milan.

marble marble tile and ceramic factory Yu Gong stories:

bring on September 19, 2016, marble marble tile ceramic factory' Changde. Flagship store opening ceremony formally, invite the father of China's domestic outfit, star art decoration group founder Yu Jing gan attend the BBS theme designers, design new model build in hunan;

bring on October 31, 2016, member of the United Nations, China's domestic outfit Yu Jing gan, founder of the godfather, star art decoration group ( Yu Gong) And Dr Irmtraud fessen-henjes guests visit, marble tile and marble ceramic factory high-level do substantial exchange;

bring on March 13, 2017,' Marble ceramic factory space model 】 In the third quarter, marble, ceramic factory villa master private lesson [ Nanning station' , Yu Gong speak! Has more than 800 elite designers from nanning to participate in more than 30 media reports;

bring on March 27, 2017, foshan ceramic factory new Goldman sachs group inc. and marble marble tile chairman Mr Lin Zhu rights such as a line to lushan west sea international college of art, design of lushan special training camp and nanchang # # field service center and other units, in lushan mountain camp specially trained formally signed a strategic cooperation partners;

bring on May 26, 2017, the father of China's domestic outfit Yu Jing jiangxi & amp; Seven-star hotel design master HongZhongXuan at jiangmen stylist BBS, supporting her marble marble tiles 750 * 1500 mm ceramic factory new start;

bring on August 8, 2018, Yu Gong visit marble marble tiles, ceramic factory formally determine Yu Gong mansion centers located in foshan, has entered the stage of decoration.

Yu Gong for every city, every space voice; As the voice of China domestic outfit; Voice for the next generation of the Chinese nation! Again, a marble marble tile ceramic factory happy birthday to great Yu Gong, healthy body, all the best!

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