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【 Marble marble tile ceramic factory, light 】 Top Sally, Anna is the joker of sweet and comfortable and elegant

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Yellow is ever the most bright colors,

or lively, or sharp, or thick;

in the home environment,

can be warm and soft,

and powerful hedge,

the yellow represents vitality in household,

to illuminate the nicety of life.


in living in adornment feels most comfortable colors,

the urban color between white and the color of camel's hair.

it is a combination of the color of camel's hair and elegant atmosphere,

and ratio of camel's hair is much more relaxed and pleasant.

with white pure romance,

and much more than white somewhat warm and noble.

as the color in the most tender and able to bear or endure look neutral colors,

rice in living in adornment stand out without doubt.

in the color family,

the cream-colored gives a person to comfort,

senior close to grey.

it is clean, implicative,

let a person feel warm,

also let you infinite close to nature.

when you are tired of watching colourful world eye-catching colors,

home along with the gender of the rice will be in front of you sending out the natural flavor of returning to nature.

when you are tired of the low-key gray space inside collect,

bring warm rice would be for the city life create another delicacy and elegance.

from Iran's Sally Anna is a kind of marble,

m Huang Shizhi king's reputation,

the approximate jade texture,

especially the soft, warm,

with yellowish white,

very suitable for indoor decoration.

in living in adornment, using Sally Anna cream-colored stone,

makes whole space has the feeling of a kind of sweet sweet,

let a person can't relax,

heart of pleasure.

Sally Anna series marble originated from Iran,

is adornment palace and the palace of optimal material,

and is one of the rare in the world gourmet marble,

but as a result of the overexploitation of people,

our natural treasures in the world only 500 cubic!

the resurrection of rare marble, restore natural beauty.

marble marble tile ceramic factory production, top of Anna,

tonal warmth,

feel wen run is exquisite,

clear natural texture,

high plasticity, suitable for all kinds of mainstream decorate a style;

and its close to natural marble slightly concave and convex texture,

can easily make the adornment result that amazing!

space appreciation

the Oriental beauty of new Chinese style

new Oriental charm,

in the delete numerous to luxury,

fine in the body.

top Sally Anna with space created,

abandon part is tonal,

abandon the dao of heavy and complicated,

by only the natural beauty will smell like a fresh quaint and charm.

modern contracted wind

contracted, not just black and white ash pile of apathy,

in the space of top Sally Anna,

it embodies the romantic and elegant and perfect modern life,

pure and fresh and do not fall convention,

comfortable yet emotional appeal.

yellow represents sunshine,

and cream-colored like shallow Yang.

marble marble tile top ceramic factory Sally Anna like winter warming Yang and sunflower,

this is a kind of can let a person feel warm and happy color.


in the town of al in the south of France,

van gogh created in his hometown 'sunflower'.

spread through the ages.

small make up also believe that

the sunflowers around you, must let a person feel warm, all

hope every people use top Sally Anna,

you quietly in the sitting room bathed in the afternoon sun,

top Sally Anna home warm colors like flowers, unique texture,

in is full of romantic color and space,

let you, seemed to embrace the sun.
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