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【 Marble marble tile ceramic factory, light 】 Sofitel gold, refined atmosphere

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Someone said,

life at least two times impulsive

once a desperate love

once said to come away travel

in the said come away momentum,


also naturally become many people expect.

Turkey, romantic.

of rivers and lakes,

as shining eyes,

tells the affection leisurely,

the land of beauty and legend.

this is a country across Eurasia,

by the world's most romantic Mediterranean,

the Aegean and black sea,

with & quot; The cradle of civilization & quot; Reputation.

precipitation with a history of one thousand years civilization,

the country full of culture also infected with the objects it.

with the natural and cultural sensitivity,

Turkey stone has always been to have espoused by the upper class.

choose Turkey stone White House

from the palace of Greece,

to the capital of the Roman empire,

to all previous dynasties palace nobles private mansion,

Turkey stone is always stone model.

the sofitel gold,

is the bright pearl of mine in a very broad reiki & hellip; …

choose Turkey stone Reichstag

from Turkey's precious stone

the sofitel gold

the sofitel gold,

Turkey imported natural marble,

delicate texture, such as calm water,

golden line freely crisscross,

as with one hundred million years history makes vigorous aesthetic feeling,

send out a natural and mysterious noble temperament.

marble marble tiles - ceramic factory Sofitel gold,

from Turkey rare stone material selection,

high real restore its natural exquisite texture

and full colour and lustre,

for household space create a

natural atmospheric environment.

close & 33 deg; Soft light,

bring silk into the buckle tender feelings and warmth.

designer extremely popular 600 * 900 specifications,

more than a stone, marble, the shop is stuck effect of

every texture,

send out a close nature and easy feeling,

with ten million years history and culture of precipitation,

for you to create the most lasting appeal of family life.

choose Turkey stone of the Disney parks in the USA

space appreciation

& I would like to put everything down, just to give you a home.

designers strive to create a

atmosphere and comfortable environment that occupy the home,

from large space to elaborate details.

whole space appears very smooth, like nature itself.

concise and delicate jewelry ornament,

to promote the quality of the space.

the sofitel gold inherent natural feeling,

let a sitting room smell sweet and noble sentiment.

small sit on the sofa at ease,

enjoy comfortable life atmosphere,

create a quiet, nobility, perfection of space.

& lights, only love the lamp in the home.

hustle and bustle in the city,

have their own side heaven and earth is rare,

stylist is seriously after you busy,

be home space.

in lively, noble, atmospheric housing space,

passing on western culture of droplight,

quietly and dimly lights,

hazy, romantic feeling arises spontaneously.

marble marble tile ceramic factory precious background picture and sofitel gold mutual reflect,

bring more intuitive comfortable and romantic.

& ever envy, I come home from work meal spied in the corridor?

the living room floor and walls are made of marble marble tile ceramic factory

- Sofitel gold.

and ground and marble marble tiles - ceramic factory Monica gold,

form the shop is stuck to the TV setting wall,

to strengthen the sense of space is outspread,

simple furniture and modelling elegant soft outfit,

let whole space becomes fashion,

couch pillow lights up the space of the colour,

the life grade of high style.
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