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【 Marble marble tile ceramic factory, light 】 Snow White, within easy reach of a refined, sophisticated life.

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
【 Marble marble tile ceramic factory & bull; Soft light. Snow White, create within easy reach of a refined, sophisticated life

the world famous Italian,

vivid costumes,

and rich color.

has a passionate and romantic person,

and let a person get drunk in the humanities.


with inheritance of hundreds of millions of years of art,


stop with the end of the cultural history,

deep and engaging.

the more numerous scenic spots and historical sites,

Rome, Florence, Venice,

every street art,

are shaking up the hearts of countless people,

is different.

bring about the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy

is not beauty,

& stone kingdom has given a powerful Italy charm

in the eyes of the marble ceramic factory people,

is Italy's most make a person enchanted.

it is solidification of music and movement of poetry,


and top white marble card lala mining town,

as a unique artist temperament,

with extraordinary creativity,

but also the independence.

bring high quality white marble ShengChanDe - Italian carrara

Italian carrara 'Snow White,

is the precious gift of god gave human,

snow dotted with white pure heaven and earth,

as seal cutting patterns of snow crystals is the miracle of god gives man.

but in order to protect this land of wonder,

marble marble tile ceramic factory product research and development team extracted natural Snow White essence,

r&d and produce a rival carrara origin natural Snow White marble tile,

the beginner's mind, just to protect,

determination to stick to forever!

, this piece of white & hellip; …

stone feeling much more vivid

select top Italian Snow White stone,

relying on marble marble tile top craft ceramics factory,

extract rough stone best part tries to research and innovation,

the feeling of natural texture and natural light to perfection.

three-dimensional level more realistic;

color texture more full;

texture line more clear.

light feeling much more natural

the perfect application of human body engineering,

33 & deg; Soft light, to achieve the most soft diffuse,

a softer, more warm,

and nature, closer.

smart and clever,

look and feel and touch are infinite close to the natural stone material,

hundreds of millions of years of reiki, perfect.

Snow White forced the space using the

Snow White - Contemporary sitting room

a pure light blue space,

bring different breath for the bedroom.

the setting wall of light blue and pure and profound,

build the pure Snow White, keeping quiet, elegant atmosphere makes people pleasing,

let a person can't help but think of the beautiful scene of the harmony,

make people intoxicated.

Snow White - Modern bathroom

pure Snow White,

with Obama the warmth of wood grain,

spread the whole space that defend bath.

the toilet of a clean and bright,

reassuring to unload all tired during the day.

just want to lay in the tub,

close your eyes,

listen to music,

enjoy belongs to own time.

Snow White - Mixing living room

Snow White reiki,

in any space can be beautiful.

different from modern style of romantic,

mixing space more sedate quiet Snow White.

unique texture and pure white,

only the noble and pure as jade personality and dust free from vulgarity of life pursuit,

fashion, the light of luxury.

Ai snow on the mountain,

her honey haired month between the cloud.

hundreds of millions of years of precipitation,

give reiki to Italy stone,

also gives Snow White a unique temperament.

and powerful technology to marble marble tile ceramic factory,

let Snow White present real beauty.

let you with nature, close to infinity.
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