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【 Marble marble tile ceramic factory, light 】 Sir White - The symbol of high quality life

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
【 Marble marble tile ceramic factory & bull; Soft light. Sir White & ndash; The symbol of high quality life

white, base color,

is a symbol of elegance and purity.

can bring high sense for us,

it is advocating color in western culture, not only the

but also represents the purity of love and firmness.

looking forward to the white people,

the white pure and aesthetic feeling hopeful,

and aspirations,

whether to love or to career,

all have high ideals and pursuit.

at toward their goals,

serious, also talented.

and white household, is a symbol of high quality life,

contracted and pure white,

will often give people more depth of happiness and comfort.

white makes the release of natural light to get the greatest degree,

it is the most pure noble.

move & bull; Greek white


is the cradle of western civilization,

has a long history,

and ancient Greece is the cradle of European culture,

it embodies is a kind of architectural art,

myths circulating,

the inheritance of culture.

and let a person more linger,

it is to belong to the Greek that a piece of white & hellip; …

pure white,

deep blue,

in Greece,

almost every island house,

are pure white,

in Greece,

feeling always have a mind ripples,

words can't describe.

as a kingdom of stone material,

in the romance capital of the White House, this is

also produced some miraculous natural high-quality goods,

let a person enchanted.

move & bull; Sir White

inheriting the prehistoric civilization of Greece,

advantageous geographical conditions.

gave birth to the unique charm of the marble - - Sir,

for passing on the rare natural beauty,

marble marble tile ceramic factory developed:

temperament perfect marble tile & ndash; Jazz was white.

- After continuous exploration and diminishing natural marble

marble marble tile & bull ceramic factory; Sir White

in the modern society,

various pressures,

people almost have no time,

to build a station agent for oneself,

and soft light marble tile & marble ceramic factory ndash; Sir,

is to alleviate the anxiety state of mind,

sweep off the dust mind, and set up the hearts of the post.

marble tile production of marble stone products - ceramic factory Sir Sir White

symbol life,

the top, and honour, and elegant,

pure color, texture and unique.

there is a special pattern of the landscape,

hidden traces of prehistoric civilization,

delivers the historical sense for us.

but both fashionable and elegant adornment effect,

highlights & master decorative performance.

33° Natural light,

convey filar silk tender feelings, also create the historical sense.

simple but elegant, unique texture

out of the infinite space artistic effect.

in the heart of the space,

the limitless extension of the beauty of life.

Sir White & bull; Monoblock effect

Sir Bai Yongyuan can make easily contracted and delicate household space,

spelling a flower of earth atmosphere played a very good decoration effect,

exquisite soft outfit apply colours to a drawing gives the space beauty of the dream;

the sofa of light blue is the culmination of a sitting room adornment,

abounded dimensional colour elegant style laid a space at the same time.

the design of curved line let whole space appear exquisite,

jazz white and brown tint spelling a flower in a large area of the supplement lets a space is both elegant and luxury.

yellow lamplight builds a sweet feeling,

every warm in here.

jazz white space,

let a person feel not only the dignity of space,

is more able to relax, wash the whole body fatigue.

the beautiful, pure white and warm, romantic, cream-colored,

is a classic play never left behind in the household design background,

to return to the natural elegance.

let space atmosphere and contracted way of the shop is stuck especially delicate and refined,

a little jumpy yellow bring happiness for occupants,

soft outfit build high fashion style,

Sir White pure, warm and elegant beauty, let a person particularly yearning.
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