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【 Marble marble tile ceramic factory, light 】 Italian cream-colored, classic, forever

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18

general refers to the design model, authoritative,

enduring masterpiece,

after selected time & the most valuable,

most can represent the essence of the industry,

the most representative, able to work.

— Is like. 。 。 —

in 1901,

Burberry designed the first trench coat.

in the first world war,

king Edward vii to Burberry this windbreaker,

appointed as senior British army uniforms,

Burberry has been durable for the trend of the design of dust coat.

and Burberry Heritage series,

is also true in the tradition of Burberry lineages trench coat,

is Burberry family heirloom.

burberry Heritage series

in February 1955,

chanel designed the new free her hands small handbag,

declared her yearning for freedom.

and diamond plaid with golden chain,

but also become a chanel enduring classic elements.

classic & bull; Chanel handbags

in 1974,

tiffany ushered in the extremely talented designer in this era,

- - Elsa Peretti。

Elsa Peretti with concise and fluent line,

atmosphere at home style created a series of spirit charming silver works,

in her view, & style, is contracted.

in 2009,
in the 20th century ipads bracelet in the British museum
permanent collection.

the famous Italian actress wear ELSA PERETTI Silver ipads bracelet

& ndash; 为什么? —

so now, let's talk about ceramic tile. 。 。 。 。 。

why everybody said the classic color is beige?

why think of when we think our warm beige?

in & black and white ash fire today,

why rice yellow tiles or are so popular?

— 为什么? —

in fact, you may ignore the magic of beige. 。 。 。 。 。

cream-colored, home decoration classic color,

it as if with a magic,

can bring us the tepid, the feeling of warmth and don't be impatient.

beige can build luxurious feeling, sense,

let household space is full of natural and harmonious,

let stiff become soft,

that all of the collocation of color is better.

let a space become neither flashy or dull.

— Italian cream-colored & ndash;

beige marble & bull; Classic

the classic cream-colored marble tiles. Atmospheric tiancheng,

and pure and fresh quietly elegant of colour and lustre,

and the flavor of a delicate texture,

create unique exotic,

the space of the elegant and extraordinary became apparent,

lets a person as if in Italy and full of human feelings and romantic breath,

elegant but also mysterious,

bring you the classic and harmonious beauty.

— 现在,

I have a classic Italian cream-colored space like to appreciate with you. 。 。

Italy cream-colored & bull; Elegant luxury space

simple tonal,

simple decoration,

create simple style.

the classical collocation of white and beige, let a space feel more warmth,

fashion succinct furniture and accessories and let a sitting room is full of contemporary feeling.

the flowers on the table, the ceiling chandeliers,

light small pillows on the sofa, the scenery outside the window,

every detail, let a space just beautiful.

Italy cream-colored born noble sense of space, set the

atmosphere of luxury tone,

33 degrees soft light bring different feeling for household space,

as if place oneself in nature.

simple hard to make the space appears more capacious and bright,

five jin wei yu hang a picture and also do not break delicate,

the butterfly let a space full of reiki on the wall.

are created by heart bit by bit,

bring space beyond the usual luxury.
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