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【 Marble marble tile ceramic factory, light 】 Fe, ash, make family the beauty of the household of youth.

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
【 Marble marble tile ceramic factory & bull; Soft light. Fe, ash, make family the beauty of the household of youth.

gray, the rain the sky,

in ancient times, it is the long drought farming of hope.

so, gray explained as the rain will come, hope to come.

and gray in the eyes of artist,

is always the most beautiful and the most mysterious color.

first met gray,

you will know with his gorgeous, with emphasis on relationship.

it is a walk in the top fashion is tonal,

is a kind of life close to nature, close to the simple colour,

this is a soothing calm,

also convey the power of calmness and elegant.


as rare in the past lives in the ground color of gray system,

gradually came to prominence in the household.

may be when we are numerous and complicated is placed inside,

needs is elegant and tranquil and restrained the quiet space,

and marble marble tiles, ceramic factory, phillis ash,

no doubt become the blessing of the icing on the cake.

fe, ash,

derived from the world's top Italian marble production areas,

also condensed the marble marble tile ceramic factory r&d designers much heartache,

in order to protect the & stone cherish mine resources of the kingdom,

real reduction famous marble lifelike texture,

perfect collocation in tonal on at the same time,

create marble marble tile ceramic factory, the noble grain of felicity ash could not be copied,

just like treasures.

33° Soft light

derived from unique grey stone kingdom of Italy,

the marble marble tiles, ceramic factory perfect felicity grey

the texture of natural mix,

with the wonderful artical excelling nature of nature;

marble marble tile ceramic factory unique technology makes the 33 & deg; Soft light,

perfection the fe, grey unique stone light.

33° To soft gray, and the soft white,

mixed with soft gold,

bring out the best in each other,

let a space clean, elegant and simple.

bring unable to replicate the noble and mysterious.

phillis grey & bull; Monoblock effect

full of sense of structure and line space,

bring us infinite imagination.

it is in giving people meditation and peaceful feeling at the same time,

still sending out the warmth and temperature.

clear unique texture,

the outline of the old days of loom;


taste also hidden in it.

red and grey lingering,

from the table and the

reveal fe, beautiful wonderful artistic conception of the ash of,

also bring unique contemporary, contracted beauty,

create suitable for modern taste low-key costly feeling.

is fundamental key with whole gray,

tie-in appropriate black and gold to ornament,

let a space appear more elegant,

home elegant and fashionable feeling arises spontaneously.

has a piece of quiet gray,

glance surprised hong.

therefore, natural and pure and fresh breath,

understated elegance.

like flowing generally,

conveys a feeling of elegant way of life,

in the deep noble amorous feelings.
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