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Marble marble tile ceramic factory in 2017 'ready effect, color marketing' spring special training camp' North camp 】 The successful completion of

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
April in the north,
all things have begun to sprout,
the blue, white clouds drifting into the distance,
the spring is like a young woman,
the modification of lithe and graceful body appearance is studded with chill of mountains and rivers,
spring. , spring,

is the season of sowing and learning,
in the second quarter & ready effect, color marketing
has been trumpeting special training camp, spring came to historical and cultural city -
and marble marble tile ceramic factory elite learning and sprint,
with toil,
but hope.

market like battlefield,
in the region's past 2016,
to the challenges of the New Year. Ceramic factory,
marble marble tile elite north camp,
is gearing up,
determination rushed out of the wider world.

this is a feast to color marketing study

town - bring about training Students are listening

town - bring about training On-site interactive games

marble marble tile ceramic factory marketing always on hand,
category knowledge and brand products,
depth profiling the relevance & color marketing knowledge,
the interpretation of professional, rigorous logic,
let students spellbound,
and training more applause and cheers.

bring zhang is always for students on courseware

follower lidan ceramic tile design department manager wu,
we learned the marble tile style collocation.
various collision of a single element,
to wipe out the design of bright sparks.

bring about wu manager for students on marble tile design style collocation skill

in this colorful season,
the design of the life emotional appeal, that we can't give up the feelings.
won a & one of the most influential brand villa mansion designer teacher wang,
will bring us into the color of the world,
with the colour of profusion,
to lead students into the colorful aesthetic temple,
injection for household new colors and vitality.

bring well-known designers from shenyang wang explain for everybody marble tile space colour collocation and feng shui layout knowledge

this is a design and marketing actual combat play

' In the second quarter] Design marketing speaker north camp was prize on April 11 night war drums,
opens the resplendent night belong to elite.
the practice test truth,
resident designers from different cities in shenyang,
with the terminal of actual combat experience and outstanding case,
let us feel the artful speech,
feel the charm of the marble tile bring space.

bring me is to design marketing speaker. Participating designers style

in the eyes of all flowers and halo,
is the accumulation of sweat and effort.
the midnight oil,
just to bring consumers a better home life.
and reward, is encouraged and sure of outstanding person,
in the evening, for the coronation of the bronze,
more said marble marble tile ceramic factory headquarters and cherish attention on talents.
to believe that your efforts, is worth it!

bring about a total picture of winning designer with

this is a design thought and mode of new change

teach them to fish, as teach them to fish,
marble marble tile ceramic factory has been committed to the integration of high-quality training resources,
create more high-quality marketing team,
veteran teachers from the 3 d home based on the training field,
depth resolution for the students of 3 d software based operation,
and the value of the import of 3 d software,
more done to the elaborating management software and application in detail,
better customer model and the perfect combination of products,
we every pursuit of perfection,
the household just to send you a more professional service!

bring 3 d home lecturer for students teaching software operating knowledge

historical works tend to remember and honor,
and marble ceramics factory has been a record of every family's growing footprint,
the shenyang in April,
left a marble ceramic factory people's desire to learn,
and the pursuit of beautiful household life.

the spring special training camp in the north end of the camp,
is not only a symbol of the marble marble tile ceramic factory 2017 good start.
more brand building for the future development of the possibility of a wireless.
marble marble tile ceramic factory as a dark horse industry,
will continue to adhere to brand building,
in the future on the road to skip over the waves,
to start building materials industry a bright future!

bring marble marble tile ceramic factory spring special training camp [ North camp] Photo

notice: marble marble tiles & ceramic factory ready effect & middot; Color marketing spring special training camp'
south camp 】 On 15 April 13 solstice held in foshan!
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