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【 Marble marble tile ceramic factory 】 Fine white - Spain Irresistible natural and comfortable

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Marble ceramic factory & middot; Big board

in pieces in July 2018, marble marble tile ceramic factory production listed the 21st 750 x1500mm big board marble tile, rich texture, restore natural stone texture, plasticity; And a secondary market in the country to form the market competitive advantage, the barrage of hotel is reported to the engineering and villas, large cases. Pieces

every piece of marble tile, marble, ceramic factory is due to the gift of nature, in the resurrection of the precious stone, marble, ceramic factory people don't forget to beginner's mind, while 750 x1500mm big board, once again will witness the marble marble tile pattern of determination and brand ceramic factory. 。 。 。 。 。

the Spanish fine white & middot; Inspiration

in pieces the Spanish fine white

mixer pure sacred white of the mind, spirit and have good mood calm, white household space as the dawn of the dawn, it is people yearning heart wipe not to go.

white household space, beautiful, pure, as if take people into the fairy tale world, when the world was remind you grow up, we hope to be able to protect live everyone's childlike innocence and dreams & hellip; …

the Spanish fine white

in pieces the Spanish fine white

the original stone material origin from Spain, extraction of 1% natural marble a-side acura, texture is strewn at random have rule, exquisite and soft, pure and fresh and vitality, dynamic.

pieces have composed of marble and simple sense, make public do not break composed, the atmosphere is bold and unrestrained, metamorphosis, make the space appears contracted style, elegant and inside collect.

more than a stone surface

in pieces the Spanish fine white

in pieces more than a stone surface, everything is different, an all beauty.

space appreciation

in pieces the Spanish fine white

rich style white and proper gloss, build an elegant comfortable space effect, contracted thering is no lack of fashion sense. Concise reiki texture, bring pure space effect of the United States, the most pure, is also the most impressive.

in pieces the Spanish fine white

in pieces the broad space to bring comfort to people's joy, the fresh air and sunshine in the room clear, create another sweet feeling.

Spain fine white, white is home to the world a warm and fashion, stylist clever collocation, make a space dynamic. Is enduring, and other classics.
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