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Marble ® marble tile ceramic factory communication, focus on high-end brand strength!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Marble ceramic factory & reg; , focus on the marble tiles, professional research and development production and sale of monopoly shows, and expert advisory services. After five years, has been steady growth, actively promote the marble tile category recognition and market share, is indispensable to the marble tile category of pillar strength!

in the category & amp; Brand communication, the first to put forward & ready effect, choose ceramic tile, marble with marble ceramic factory & reg; Ceramic factory, not only such, marble marble tile brand marketing headquarters for armed power, plays an important role in international exhibition, international airport security, national import and export of high-speed, national highway anti-aircraft gun, the building materials market, the villa building dish, the store window, the high-end brand marketing activities such as high-end places for advertising, its scale, high frequency, the extent of spread is amazing!

marble marble tiles for marble tile ceramic factory to high-end market, let hundreds of millions of consumers to experience the charm of marble tiles, as the voice of marble tile & name brand!

bring in verona, Italy international stone fair, xiamen international stone fair and Canton fair exhibition, promotion

bring guangzhou baiyun international airport security mouth full line of screen advertisement

bring about national high-speed exit row all giant advertisement

bring about national highway anti-aircraft gun post advertisement

bring high-end department stores, specialty shops window advertisement

bring high-end villa residential area advertisement

a brand must have a high value thought, dare to action, there is energy, and marble marble tile ceramic factory as villa mansion, star hotel, high-end clubs, commercial real estate projects, and other key space use the product, and was deeply loved by designers group with the home owner! And marble marble tile ceramic factory, through constructing an all-round vertical, a wide range of brand communication, not only to show the major dealers and consumers marble marble tile ceramic factory attention to brand building, more show the marble marble tiles for the overwhelming majority of consumers to create the marble tile ceramic factory for the performance of a major effort effect.

a year 2017 is destined to be extraordinary, is the witness of marble marble tile ceramic factory is more powerful for a year, in the future, marble marble tile ceramic factories will continue to spare no effort to brand building and innovation of science and technology, provide the customers with high quality marble effect of ceramic tile is ready!

not only that, but we will also take the more long-term vision, more accurate marketing, more high quality service, to focus on the promotion of the competitiveness of the brand terminal stores more perfect sales system and service system construction, so as to realize higher brand value!

in August 2016, marble, marble tile ceramic factory first monolithic effect # # marble tiles. In recent years, in decorating a process large family such as villa mansion, many owners choose the wood or stone to decorate decorate, and marble tiles as the most popular and effective alternative marble, effectively make up for the marble natural defects, is the ideal high-end building materials. Decorate effect nobility, atmosphere, design and color but when; Choose marble tiles, with professional research, development, production and sales marble tile & marble ceramic factory!

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