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Marble ® ceramics factory, focus on villa mansion, teach design master private lessons

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Here is the villa mansion design master private lessons;
is initiated by the master and design about joint work camp, marble, marble tile ceramic factory core strategic cooperation, the Chinese building and indoor stylist the national alliance, the color space, the central academy of fine arts college of urban design, guangzhou design week, walk right media group joint support, housing fang. Com to the media support the only private villa mansion design masters class;
here, hand in hand to the villa mansion produced in the design master;
here brings together the national each city's elite designers;
don't advocate & how to teach here, here is the pursuit of & using the method of learning;
don't advocate & cramming here, here is the pursuit of open communication & elite circle;
here only truth, only to person, only the rink hijinks tao lung;
we and mentor - - - Discuss them together, sincere, doing design & to;
a misdemeanor don't pack design example tutor with a group of young young design talent, collision ideas here,
looking for design values, exchange of life feeling!

in city design strength, build new model design;
in 2015, [ Marble ceramic factory space model] Ceramic factory in the first quarter, marble marble tiles to jian-guo liang, Joseph, Luo Simin, danfu liu hong in the national building design new model;
in 2016, [ Marble ceramic factory space model] In the second quarter, marble marble tile ceramic factory Yu Jing gan, kinney chan, David Lin, and raynon drive national youth designers;
in 2017, [ Marble ceramic factory space model] In the third quarter, marble marble tile ceramic factory to depth, professional, integrated development, focus on villa mansion, hand in hand villa mansion produced in the design of master meng also ( Mainland) , up to now, Hong Kong) , Tang Zhonghan ( Taiwan) , Sun Shaochuan ( Domestic) And tzu chi Ming ( International) And other professional mentor jointly interpret high-end luxury lifestyle owner and design management, joint research department villa mansion design practical checking;
by dry sharing, communication, a string of other villa mansion; Play together urban designers all over the country elite, to communicate with each other, mutual learning, and the common progress of the young designers.

welcome to engage in professional interior design work six years young designers, to marble marble tile ceramic factory authorized store to sign up! Marble ceramic factory, focus on the marble tiles for five years, has been users, star hotel villa mansion tooling favorite brand products. Now, there are research and development to produce white, gray, rice white, cream-colored, brown, yellow, red, blue, green, black and other color, more than 600 * 600, 600 * 900, 600 * 1200, 800 * 800 specifications, soft light, the light plane, decent etc technology, reduction of natural marble & administrative levels, massiness, stereo feeling, can satisfy the designer of the application of all kinds of high-end space.

past [ Master work camp] We sincerely invite tutor to review:
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