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Marble ceramic factory in Shanghai international design week 'stylist recommended brand award'

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
On October 31, 2020, Shanghai international design week in putian, Qingdao and other cities held Jin Liang design/new award, the launching ceremony, China excellent design strength, boost Chinese design is in line with the world.

bring putian Xie Li marble marble tile ceramic factory general manager China for and on behalf of the award

marble ceramic factory TOMELY is innovative led to the brand ceramic tile, marble with & original shop, international, colour, differentiation advantage, won the designer's favorite, won the award of recommended brand & designers.

for many years, marble, ceramic factories TOMELY very pay attention to young designers talent training, successively as Angelo Cortesi Angelo & middot; Kohler Daisy, Borella Mauro Afro laila parker & middot; Marlowe & middot; Aftab, Andrea Langhi Andre & middot; Range, Nicola Ticcozi Nicholas & middot; Mr. Qi, Yu Jing gan ( Yu Gong) , HongZhongXuan, jian-guo liang, kinney chan, Lin Zhen medium master of Chinese and foreign design team in the country more than 50 large communication BBS, opinion leaders and organize the designer to international city such as Beijing, Shanghai, milan vertical depth communication and learning.
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