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'Marble ceramic factory in premium plan' the partnership, into the big yueyang

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Yueyang, hunan provincial city, the second largest economy, provincial deputy city center. Not only China's north-south traffic artery, the State Council is the first open area, along the river and is the important regional central city in the middle reach of Yangtze river, the first gateway cities of hunan.

Ren Wei, yueyang marble marble tile ceramic factory boss, engaged in ceramics in yueyang agent sales job for more than 20 years, ceramic factory in 2016 for marble marble tile product market prospect and product quality deeply attracted him, so join the marble marble tile ceramic factory.

bring marble marble tile ceramic factory headquarters formal notification

Lord huan hong, 2015, in marble ceramic factory, central China regional director. In 2018, due to the ceramic factory & marble or premium plan partner mechanism and brand system comprehensive upgrade, join in yueyang marble marble tiles, ceramic factory to become shareholders, and yueyang general management & big yueyang market together.

bring marble marble tile ceramic factory yueyang flagship store facade

yueyang marble ceramic factory & close premium plan to get the marble marble tile ceramic factory, under the active support of the board of directors picked up two stores form leaning Angle, complementary advantages, AB store business model: A store for marble tile flagship store, shop B stone big board shop. Not only that, yueyang marble ceramics factory has won the yueyang airport, beauty of yueyang red star triumphant dragon two landmark projects. Believe in marble ceramic factory under the joint efforts of the marble tile manufacturers, large & yueyang marble ceramic factory in the near future a certain future, create industries yueyang model!

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