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【 Marble ceramic factory house 】 Marble ceramic factory TOMELY marble tiles paving new Chinese style villa seiko secret

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
【 Marble ceramic factory house 】 Marble ceramic factory TOMELY marble tiles paving new Chinese style villa seiko secret

introduction: ceramic factory house # # marble story, real cases to write is to serve the customers from all over the country. In order to facilitate reading, design, sales and service consultant team collectively referred to as: small tong team

bring about 360 m & sup2; Villa first layer

this 【 Marble ceramic factory house 】

building area: 360 ㎡

building door model: 4 layer villa

owner occupation: private enterprise boss

adornment style: the new Chinese style style

the owner requirements: quiet, elegant, new Chinese style

brand ceramic tile, marble, ceramic factories TOMELY

small tong team for owner to select material

demand description: a small team is received after the owner's door model figure, made in-depth discussion, the owner requirements: natural elegance of new Chinese style style

style positioning: the Oriental artistic conception's elegant charm and modern style of relaxed self unified expression of the design, with the tension of life, wake up the inner attachment and return.

select material collocation: marble ceramic factory TOMELY: 900 x1800mm royal lorraine white it, 750 x1500mm ash, 750 x1500mm water MoBai, 600 galaxy x1200mm Elizabeth Barbara ohm, 600 x1200mm SAN ya m white clouds.

brick guidance: whole metope shop & TOMELY seiko secret method, small aperture is ordinary ceramic tile 1/3, healthy, orderly, and a brick a space, has a unique aesthetic characteristics.

small tong team for owner design

bring guest restaurant designers use grey large galaxy after grain shop + seiko secret, mix design, daily life and philosophy in a quiet elegant style interpretation of modern Chinese style brush, hard on the basics, look for age unique understanding and full of warm home life.

bring about kitchen use grey + cloud galaxy Elizabeth Barbara ohm twill seiko secret shop collocation, shape and shade, light and color. Local adorn some slightly Ming yan color in gray space, space of poetic aesthetics dizzy.

bring advocate defend through jet + water MoBai unified region stone texture match seiko secret shop, the same texture, color of different collision makes whole space may be, more rich administrative levels.

bring times who use grey + SAN ya galaxy - white wall seiko secret shop, build and simplified indifferent and orderly. To Jane to light, to light to berth, make the space overall idle silence and comfortable.

small team selection for the owners
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