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【 Marble ceramic factory house 】 Luxury to jas, with successful people!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Foreword: # # marble ceramic factory house story, real cases to write is to serve the customers from all over the country. In order to facilitate reading, design, sales and service consultant team collectively referred to as: small tong team

bring about 356 m & sup2; Villa first layer

this 【 Marble ceramic factory house 】

building area: 356 ㎡

building door model: changsha - Peaceful tree name

owner occupation: corporation, President of the

adornment style: light much wind

owner needs: light, comfortable and elegant, luxury wind

brand ceramic tile, marble, ceramic factories TOMELY marble tile

small tong team for owner to select material

demand description: a small team is received after the owner's door model figure, made in-depth discussion, the owner requirements: comfortable, quiet elegant luxury light wind.

style positioning: through with advanced sense of Selma and ash grain seiko secret spread effect, to deduce a & low-key costly, make the space feel more full, to reveal a kind of low profile high quality way of life.

select material collocation: marble ceramic factory TOMELY: 900 x1800mm Selma and grey

brick guidance: the whole metope shop & TOMELY seiko secret method, small aperture is ordinary ceramic tile 1/3, healthy, orderly, and a brick a space, has a unique aesthetic characteristics.

small tong team for owner design

bring porch, a soft composed, abstruse art space atmosphere, lighter luxury fashion extends to the clever and beautiful, high-end residential delicate and grade.

bring the living room, a whole shop TOMELY seiko secret service system are used to deduce space outstanding temperament. This design is not only elegant quiet, also can build a low-key luxury atmosphere.

bring about recreational area of contemporary art and humanity space, simple and elegant. Advanced grey design is soft and steady, but it is more like an aura of calm feeling, give life infinite pulse lasting appeal.

bring about kitchen highlight modern city atmosphere, use advanced grey will draw the outline of the outline of the poetic life, lets the home feeling of vitality.

select Selma and ash the whole shop, bring about bathroom space and space minimalist line is just the right amount of foil, build highly quality and comfortable space.

small team selection for the owners
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