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【 Marble ceramic factory house 】 Fusion of natural stone and natural mu wen, luxury and elegant

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Foreword: # # marble ceramic factory house story, real cases to write is to serve the customers from all over the country. In order to facilitate reading, design, sales and service consultant team collectively referred to as: small tong team

this 【 Marble ceramic factory house 】

building area: 143 ㎡

building door model: room 2-4-2 office

owner occupation: group middle

adornment style: modern light much

the owner requirements: contracted have qualitative feeling

brand ceramic tile, marble, ceramic factories TOMELY

small tong team for owner to select material

demand description: a small team is received after the owner's door model figure, made in-depth discussion, the owner requirements: elegant, generous, modern light much wind.

style positioning: by combining the owner's demand for functional, aesthetic, with modern light luxury style elegant, quiet space atmosphere.

select material collocation: marble marble tile ceramic factory: 600 x1200mm perez cream-colored

brick guidance: the whole metope shop & TOMELY seiko secret method, is the 1/3 of ordinary ceramic tile aperture, healthy, orderly, and a brick a space, has a unique aesthetic characteristics.

small tong team for owner design

bring into the porch, wooden shoe ark elegant leisure attract attention, and adopt the cupertino cream-colored after grain ground also grab an eye, two blends makes downy atmosphere visual experience.

bring sitting room ground to warm color department also perez cream-colored after grain large seiko secret shop is given priority to, with high saturation soft outfit build space texture, lit up the whole space, and make the space more rich, color harmony, soothing and pleasing.

bring restaurant metallic glass chandelier fashion and elegant, eat chair made from a gray and green collocation, and dark lubricious eat edge ark in beige ground ( Perez cream-colored) The foil below, appear more elegant.

bring about kitchen ground USES cupertino, cream-colored, white jade, metope USES milan both supplement each other with downy lamplight foil gives sweet love life.

bring toilet USES Austrian grey + cc cream-colored collocation design reflected such as grease and texture, with grey lines are added for the space the pulse of life, quietly show the height of the aesthetic art.

small team selection for the owners
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