Sine 2012, We have been specialized in only Marble

Marble ceramic factory hand in hand, such as design higher-ups Yu Jing gan, consolidate the 'king of the channel'

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Guangzhou south railway station exit, complete coverage of marble marble tile ceramic factory brand advertising

& focus category management, professional and independent production, focus on design service is brilliant marble ceramic factory, brand motto!
in 2012, marble, ceramic factory product positioning in focus & marble tile independent research and development and production, since then, research and development department to global selection scarce marble resources for research and development, reduction of more than 60 (Jane stone marble ceramic tile With more than 20 product intellectual property patent) And many times to participate in the xiamen international stone fair, marmomacc-italy verona stone fair held, for global extinction marble; At present, the marble marble porcelain ceramics factory has become the industry the most complete specifications of the marble tile fashion in design and color, craft, brand.

the store image design SI system shows the standard

after several years, the national distributor to nearly 200, the national store image design standard innovation; In order to cater to the decoration of the era mainstream consumer groups demand, marble, ceramic factory SI system aimed at & fashion & middot; The new is & middot; Fashion, the facade with the fist products & blue gray in the sands + design collocation, European modern, new Chinese style, contemporary and contracted style, the Mediterranean, mix between example, effective display space application of marble tiles, becomes a bridge between consumer choice marble marble tile ceramic factory. At the same time, in order to more effective collocation of marble marble tile ceramic factory product applied to each space, marble, ceramic factory investment development & design + software, the cloud to national sales consultants involved in household & design collocation, professional services to every consumer.

marble marble tile ceramic factory' Marble ceramic factory space model 】 Marketing channel construction

since 2015, marble tile & marble ceramic factory focus on channel construction, once the CCTV hand in hand 2 'swap space', the national soufun, China - Designer strategic partners, such as the national alliance of network and with the international and domestic famous design master jian-guo liang, kinney chan, David Lin, Ju bing, raynon, He Wuxian, Luo Simin, ping-zhong wang, danfu liu, murad, mark the song dynasty, such as design higher-ups, in shenyang, zhengzhou, chengdu, chongqing, changsha, guangzhou, fuzhou, dongguan, quanzhou, changzhou, linyi, jiangyin, cixi a second-tier cities, such as building designer communication platform, the convergence of urban design strength, build new urban design example, as the voice of Chinese design, let design drive the industrial upgrading. At present, in the industry known as the marble marble tile ceramic factory & reputation known as the king of the channels.

on September 19, the father of China's domestic outfit, legend - China decoration industry - Mr Yu Jing jiangxi ( Yu Gong) To changde

on September 19, 2016 China - Designer net national alliance with marble marble tiles produced by the joint state - ceramic factory 【 Marble ceramic factory space model 】 Member of the United Nations, the father of China's domestic outfit, hand in hand legend - China decoration industry - Mr Yu Jing jiangxi ( Yu Gong) To changde, jointly open marble marble tiles & ceramic factory generation III SI stores image design, assemble design strength of hunan, altogether builds the hunan new model design, let's hope!

Yu Jing jiangxi ( Yu Gong)
guangzhou art state investment group company limited by shares, chairman and chief designer, star arts invertors, samsung, China, founder of the list;
master of philosophy at tsinghua university, Beijing university and Beijing normal university, PhD;
China's first private creator decoration company, the father of China's domestic outfit and China decoration industry legend.
opening jiangxi institute of fine arts majoring in lushan mountain art special training camp, cultivating talents, more than ten decoration design and construction was voted in jiangxi province, and jiujiang & 10 pioneers in jiangxi province and touched one of the ten characters of jiujiang;
on June 7, 2016, the United Nations held a member of the ecological safety of life science award ceremony, awarded to the ecology and life safety practitioners and educators in the field of science, do for China's 800 million rural people building actors & ndash; — Yu Gong as member of the United Nations.
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