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【 Marble ceramic factory, engineering 】 Foshan Oriental reputation in the hotel

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Foshan as the ceramics capital, have numerous ceramic brand. The marble marble tile ceramic factory as a professional, dedicated, intjs brand ceramic tile, marble can stand out, in the vast sea & porcelain & must have their own unique charm. And there's a hotel in China ceramic headquarters designated USES marble marble tile ceramic factory, the shop is stuck to decorate, this is the solid marble marble tile ceramic factory that it!

here, to share with you the Chinese traditional culture style of marble marble tile outstanding ceramics factory space with case & ndash; — Foshan Oriental reputation in the hotel.

foshan Oriental hotel reputation by

foshan Oriental reputation in hotel is to advocate the vegetarian culture theme hotel, the hotel more than ceramic factory adopted the marble marble tile & cloud grey stone, large areas of the shop is stuck with gray cold tonal build the whole space of simple but elegant and quiet, adornment material is given priority to with wood, subtly soft & cold meaning of the space. Furniture modelling is quaint, display exquisite symmetry, very heavy context connotation, make free with calligraphy and painting, scroll, antiques, stone, landscape bonsai, to try to adorn, apply colours to a drawing gives full chamber elegant, a YaQi. Such a bookish environment, the view of the garden, trying to admire the beautiful bamboo chrysanthemum, the art of body and mind are influencing, beautiful enjoyment. This is the Chinese traditional house culture unique charm. Advocates & harmony in Chinese traditional culture, the unique artistic aesthetic, artistic conception beauty and natural beauty, spirit to enjoy. In a complex society opens up a quiet, get the baptism of the mind in this elegant space!

the hotel is famous for its tea area and national area SAN shek wan pottery and porcelain also adopted & cloud grey stone on the shop is stuck, use marble marble tiles & ceramic factory cloud grey stone interpretation of simple but elegant, the hotel into the Chinese tea ceremony let the gift of the distinguished guests feel the hospitality of Chinese, while sipping tea can also enjoy the unique shiwan gongzai, can have amorous feelings!

don't think the hotel will be China's wind in quiet and comfortable to carry on the design, so two places are different at the hotel, which is a public toilet and bathroom in the room. Hotel toilet is given priority to with blue and black, personality fashion! Like the hotel's public toilet, it USES the marble tile & marble ceramic factory Laurent black large area of the shop is stuck, with metope personality blue Mosaic patterns or wall brick, in do not break simple dynamic!

in addition, the toilet in the room floor ceramic factory adopted the marble tile & marble black gold flower, metope USES marble tile & marble ceramic factory cloisonne, is also a blue-black collocation is the sense that gives a person sedate atmosphere here, bold colors will surely add a lot of space aesthetic feeling to the hotel!

vegetarian pavilion hotel with Chinese style classical style design, furniture USES the beam structure, fine workmanship, perfect modelling concise, rigorous organization reasonable, proper decoration and beautiful natural woodiness feeling. Overall distribution of symmetric balanced, steady, and advocate natural appeal on adornment detail, abound change, which fully reflects the spirit of Chinese traditional aesthetics.
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