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【 Marble ceramic factory, character 】 Pan Liming | 'tao' in 30 years, all the way to witness the marble ceramic factory quality!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Did not see its person, smell its voice first; The laughter of the young, the infection of discourse, is a sign of his!
the marks of years left in him, is not the suffering, and his is composed with inside collect, and the charm of that personality appeal.
he is a new embryo division general manager Mr Pan Liming, brick, regarded by industry: Ming uncle!

in the 1990 s, uncle Ming office in

he, dancing together with the ceramic industry, of the 30 years.
, he witnessed the advent of spring, prosperity, township ceramic enterprise transformation, helped create ceramic full vitality of private enterprises in market prospects; Witnessed foshan urban environmental governance processes, outsourcing production base, no money, no brand awareness, innovative concept of enterprise gradually evolution; Has responsible for the production and sales of crystal brick, wear-resisting brick, polishing brick, polycrystalline powder brick, glazed ceramic tiles, seiko environmental protection compound stone, marble, ceramic tile, etc. ; Immersive feeling from the seller's market to buyer market, from the production oriented to market oriented;

in the 1990 s, Ming uncle communication with the customer

he, all the way to witness the marble artisan quality ceramic factory, quality 30 years;
he, follow and for new the two generation of leader group. His clients or staff have become famous pottery enterprise brand founder, and he always stick to their beliefs, with the new era of Goldman sachs group inc. pace, continuous learning and improvement, hard work ahead. Good base production, from 1993 to 2016 the quality of passing on the same color, each batch of brick embryo in his eyes is the requirement to the 'quality. His group brick embryo division qualified stability factor is strong, it is also a marble marble tile ceramic factory inside and outside the industry praised the cornerstone of high recognition and consumers!

in the 1990 s, Ming uncle communication with the customer

he, with a keen eye screening, brick house 30 years;
he, sales predecessors? Brick of pottery and porcelain home? … … Too many roles and stunt on him, but the most what he talk is the process of each piece of raw material to the factory, because he is witness. & although, ceramic tile is done with some clay, quartz sand, through grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, sintering, but clay, quartz sand, etc. There are good bad, good raw materials, high purity, less impurities, hair color, more easily in the process of fire control, difference of such materials of good will also affect the quality of ceramic tile. A good raw material for its price is relatively high. You see these marble marble tile ceramic factory, the use of raw material is the best on the market. So the marble marble tile ceramic factory brick embryos than in the same white and delicate! He stroked the pieces of bricks.

at the beginning of the 21st century, the Ming uncle as a group of outstanding senior sent to Australia to study

he, chasing the trend of ceramic swells market 30 years;
in the ceramic changes of The Times, due to various reasons, many category has been declining, even disappear!
he, through a variety of categories, let he the most proud is marble tile; Marble marble tile ceramic factory, he said, stable quality, design and color is clear, the administrative levels and clear; Marble marble tiles, ceramic factory, he said, focused, professional, single-minded, let more dealers have operating space & hellip; …
in the eyes of Ming uncle, the ceramic is the trend of change, at the same time also is eternal. Eliminated because is always assume the category, and take in the natural marble, ceramic tile will be mainstream, also with the progress of technology, constantly tend to be more perfect. Marble tile & marble ceramic factory at the sixth generation of new product, not just & faithful connect body, or the industry's most thick; For the plugins, convergent and slot. It is ceramic marble factory again come, this is the lead! Ceramic factory in the open marble marble tile seven-star stone mode inside the palace, Ming uncle proudly look at every piece of product, each place scenery, excited said!

after 30 years of the Ming uncle ceramic, still at work

mixer editorial
Ming uncle, in his 30 years, witnessed the marble marble tile ceramic factory quality and bring the soul of the wind! Don't need to have too much rhetoric to beautify, because he is the 'heart, indignation blood, high passion for marble marble tile ceramic factory to struggle!
to salute the old ceramic people, also to each of the marble marble tile ceramic factory dedicated people pay tribute!
marble marble tile ceramic factory, quality is the result of 1993; And he is one of the witnesses & quality source! In later years, marble marble tile ceramic factory will open mind to piety, all rivers run into sea, a perennial struggle, continuously surpass ourselves; For each product the originality of the casting, let to reaches extreme effect present in customers home; To push forward to innovation, leading the industry direction!
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