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Marble ceramic factory brand and team with praise, for fellowship party

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Sheep dance harvest years, monkey songs splendid spring.

on January 18, an auspicious day, foshan new sheng group family reunion together, jointly held the New Year fellowship party. From new, scientific research system, production system, marketing system, administrative system, financial system and the supply chain, together, to celebrate the New Year!

with the foshan ceramic factory new Goldman sachs group inc. and marble marble tile marketing headquarters, chairman of Mr Lin Zhu right after a toast toast, by marble marble tile ceramic factory sales elite a motivational song 'we are young' opened for the fellowship!

marble marble tile ceramic factory & best team act championship and the annual award for the best brand &.

& young heart, gathered in a beautiful family, we are here to grow, and learned to bear; We shoulder the responsibility, we are gathered a mass of fire, and into all over the sky star, shines in every corner of the extraordinary world, we are all young people, in this beautiful age, deducing the marble marble tile ceramic factory together brilliant! Is due to this song and marble marble tile ceramic factory enterprise culture, deduce the marble marble tile ceramic factory. Therefore, group fellowship party & best team act championship and the annual award for the best brand &.

there are performances, also has the group staff work certainly awards, including from marble marble tile ceramic factory sales team ping-hui Chen won & 2015 annual new sheng group award for the best employees. To receive this honor, because he develop customers in the frontline sales, diligent service customers, to show people the power of a marble ceramic factory.

good enterprising employees, also has outstanding leadership. Marble marble tile market brand ceramic factory department director Mr Zhang Guiquan won & for new, excellent management cadres for 2015. Marble marble tile ceramic factory in 2015 a series of market and brand marketing, are from a summation of his marketing team. He led the whole team dancing terminal, give prize marble ceramic factory.

all staged a series of personal talent show, a marble tile & marble ceramic factory DJ orange TaoJingCheng sales elite, a song of 'love at the beginning of the experience + goodbye' spun finale, combustion field. As the song, together with the song singing dancing.

to the marble marble tile ceramic factory international marketing Pan Haiyang and market the brand department ZuoJunLi as host of the party, and the whole night. The party live in addition to the awards and performance, but also take out more than 10 ten thousand yuan bonus sweepstakes. Two host and draw the guest make full fury, the prize is sent out.

new grand award winner, marble, marble tile ceramic factory sophisticated production base employees moved by

new capital association, the Chinese New Year of 2016 the harmonious music, sharing the future! Marble marble tile ceramic factory brand praise with team, 2016 more brilliant!

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