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【 Marble ceramic factory, benchmarking 】 Ningbo flagship store, marble marble tile ceramic factory flagship appreciation benchmarking

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
If the luxury is a life attitude, a symbol of taste and style. The marble marble tile ceramic factory in ningbo flagship store is perfect deduce another & meaning of luxury.

ningbo humanities accumulate rich, has a long history of culture, is a typical jiangnan and the port city, is also China's grand canal, south sea & sea silk road, the east port, one of the most representative of ningbo port, ningbo international port and waterway industry authority magazine & ndash; — As the container international & world five ports.

marble marble tile ceramic factory in ningbo flagship store as one of the flagship store of the benchmark, the second floor in the east of modern ceramics city, its stores decorate a style to leave the charming culture rendering and the influence of the excellent culture of ningbo people!

marble marble tile ceramic factory in ningbo flagship store also has a remarkable detail and features, under the typical jiangnan culture edification, ningbo flagship store, decorate a style on the European style of luxury rub up the Chinese classical culture, breaks through the single style, but not messy, it makes the heart the feeling bosom feeling! Absorb the beauty of European design, integrated into China's feelings, the essence of the perfect combination of Chinese and western!

such as smallpox, luxuriant ou smallpox modelling, combined with China's wooden carve patterns or designs on woodwork; Such as corridor on the ground, look after use marble ceramic factory & cappuccino & make European model wall body, and the rich Chinese culture breath of marble ceramic factory peacock & spelling a flower shop is stuck large area ground to carry on the style of strong contrast, do not break delicate in the atmosphere, but there is a unique ornamental flavor!

although, in the flagship store space is given priority to with Europe type style, but occasionally appear in the flagship store a particular Chinese wind of the scenery, is a bright, such as the corridor of the porch, a deputy to the marble marble tiles black gold flower, cloud grey stone ceramic factory, Italy of several products such as red hole & mirs &, standing in a LingRan haoqi by heart.

marble marble tile ceramic factory in ningbo flagship store appreciate

marble marble tile ceramic factory in ningbo flagship store welcome you!

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