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【 Marble ceramic factory, benchmarking 】 Chengdu south - fu sen flagship store Marble marble tile ceramic factory flagship appreciation benchmarking

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Chengdu, a city to don't want to go, a let time slow down & leisure capital. It is carrying more than three thousand years of history, has, wuhou temple, du fu thatched cottage, dujiangyan, jinsha ruins, shu Ming tomb, wangjiang building, qingyang palace, and many other places of historic interest and cultural landscape.

chengdu people understand to enjoy life, pay attention to the taste of home. However, in the minds of every home is different, the marble marble tile ceramic factory has many products, superior product quality and rich color, absolutely meet the demand of consumption owner decorate in chengdu!

the marble marble tile ceramic factory north of chengdu rich after boutique, marble, marble and ceramic tile ceramic factory strong in south chengdu rich, beautiful household store is located in the south of rich, beautiful household negative layer, geographical location is excellent, high-end display in chengdu success to build the second sales outlets, and officially open!

marble marble tile south chengdu rich ceramics factory's flagship store, marble marble tile ceramic factory is adopted the latest SI brand stores display system for decoration, facade image using marble marble tile ceramic factory products & blue sands large area of the shop is stuck, a dynamic image of fashion show let a person shine at the moment, which reflects the marble marble tile ceramic factory brand green fashion culture idea, space layout fully showing the marble marble tile ceramic factory the beauty of natural stone products: red, green flame as jungle, blue as hiromi, white as snow & hellip; … Each product is deducing the different Shi Cai story behind. Below, please go with small make up together with the marble marble tile ceramic factory south chengdu fu sen flagship store view!

【 Small common sense 】 Reason: it is recommended that you use marble tiles:
it's nice to use; With natural marble natural aesthetic value, arts and nature; With the physical properties of ceramic tile, natural marble is of all kinds of defects;
it's economical and practical; The cost of materials, construction cost and maintenance cost in the late natural marble is relatively low;
it's green; To build a five-star hotel is equal to wreck a mine;

marble marble tile ceramic factory, from the nature, focus on stone. Adhere to scientific and technological innovation, to make due contribution for national environmental protection career as own duty, to become a fashion brand, marble tile field to professional to become customer choice.

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