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Marble ceramic factory authorized signing intellectual property agency, chaos to Sue to taobao and other online sales!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
With the improving of the marble marble tile ceramic factory brand awareness, some network platform and personal frequently under the guise of nominal sales marble marble tile related products, ceramics factory this behavior has seriously damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and brand! Marble tile, marble, ceramic factories and authorization in intellectual property rights institution, the official signing to taobao network such as chaos to Sue!

with respect for intellectual property of industrial products, more in line with the responsible for the consumer, the business partner responsible attitude, marble, marble tile ceramic factory has joint and authorized professional intellectual property agency to start the whole network rights!

in addition to the jingdong ceramic factory official marble marble tile flagship store ( http://tomely。 jd。 com/) Goods outside the network channel sales are quality goods, the company marble marble tile ceramic factory won't provide any quality assurance and after-sales service, so the quality and consumer disputes, and the problem of fake goods, tail goods shall have nothing to do with marble marble tile ceramic factory brand!

here, marble marble tile ceramic factory called for broad consumer, please in marble marble tile ceramic factory official authorization offline flagship store and jingdong mall marble marble tile ceramic factory official flagship store to buy the real thing!

bring marble marble tile ceramic factory authorized to clean out treasure and other network marketing professional intellectual property group mess prosecution.
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