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【 Marble ceramic factory, a space model 】 In June, jiangyin, cixi successively as the voice of design strength

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
If the design is a picture
then life is a poem
as marble marble tile ceramic factory' Marble ceramic factory space model 】 In the second quarter of the
in major cities across the country have held,
a top talent award in China interior design industry high-end
is the national dialogue.

in this arena,
both well-known designers such as Hong Kong kinney chan,
Asia emerging designers Ju bing
the world famous designer, ring arts department, tsinghua university professor David Lin
Taiwan famous interior architect raynon and other well-known scholars, designers,
there is a star of the design of new from all over the country,
here they communicate design philosophy, aesthetic life,
write a poem about art, about beauty,
paints a picture of about life, about the design strength.

in June,
marble marble tile ceramic factory' Marble ceramic factory space model 】
in the second quarter was successively in jiangyin, jiangyin, cixi held both
the beautiful mountain,
the nature and the modern buildings in harmony an organic whole of jiangyin sheraton hotel.
marble marble tile ceramic factory whole series of originality - - The light,
light surface, pickling surface and faithful announced new craft mysterious;
CD net national alliance with marble ceramic factory work
- marble tile manufacturers - 【 Marble ceramic factory space model 】
in the United States PRATT institute of interior design master David Lin teacher share
the flow share forefront [ Life aesthetics]
sina, soufun, netease home, jiangyin TV etc.
several big media and nearly more than 400 designers to attend the witness!

in Chinese American designer, tsinghua university professor David Lin's eyes
to build a taste of a space, will be aware of the goodness of life
and these things just affects our five senses
these are affects memory will be our inspiration of design ideas
and thus titled
'find the beauty around, create a better life' speech
he with contemporary cutting-edge international design ideas as the breakthrough point
the combination of the east and meticulous with perceptual
to explain his design value of the core ideas & ndash; — The life aesthetics.
& life aesthetics is not to learn, not theory discussion, but the aesthetic practice.

David Lin teacher arrived event

event marble marble tile ceramic factory light surface, soft light, pickling surface, and new technology products such as faithful show

David Lin teacher 'find the beauty around, create a better life' theme speech

activity questions designer

marble marble tile ceramic factory headquarters, CD nets, jiangyin marble ceramic factory leadership to take picture with David Lin teacher
( Guest: dandy & middot; Xiao-jiang Chen & middot; David Lin & middot; All yong & middot; Zhang Guiquan & middot; Shao Xiuwen)

14 PM on June 15, cixi,
' Marble ceramic factory space model 】 And marble marble tile ceramic factory (
China Cixi)
interior design overall list of awards was held in cixi buckingham jue hotel,

in the awards & gather city design strength, build new model city as the theme,
the sina, ningbo evening, southeast of the business, the ningbo decoration, etc.
more than 10 media support.
and invitation to the international well-known senior interior building interior designer
& ndash; — Raynon ( Taiwan) Keynote speech for the campaign.

Taiwan famous master design raynon teacher
in the afternoon on June 15,,
marble ceramic factory space model to Taiwan's famous designer raynon is cixi
speech. 'the beauty of marble and design expression. '
he the colour collocation according to 7:2:1 stress space,
not exceed three color, the key lies in the lamp-house,
at the same time as a qualified designer to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various materials,
such as: marble has its natural beauty,
but his existence chromatism, expansion and seepage pollution natural defects, such as
he agreed with normalized marble tile,
large brick application reasonable collocation, give prize!

in the evening, on June 15, ningbo cixi design glory moment
marble marble tile ceramic factory (China Cixi) Overall music awards banquet,
Taiwan famous designer raynon teacher guests such as
cixi best villa design space respectively,
best residential apartments, office space,
the best space such as dining-room space design awards!
️ marble tile, marble, ceramics factory and designers from all walks of life friend
& sharing co-prosperity, build better space model!
in city design strength, build
jiangyin city new example of aesthetics, cixi & Shi Xiu, added many color marble ceramic factory in June
we hope to have more designers friends involved,
to maintain and grow together' Marble ceramic factory space model 】 The platform,
for jiangyin, cixi in major cities across the country to do a design.
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