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# marble ceramic factory # 3 new kiln ignition, marble tile surface quality new leap forward

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Thin, grateful for you. On November 26, 2020 at 11, 28 minutes and 8 seconds, marble marble tile production base in foshan ceramic factory # 3 # kiln ignition, formally set sail. Marble TOMELY ceramics factory to cooperate with the government & coal to gas called on and continue to lead the professional marble tile, marble, marble tile ceramic factory heavily to build new 1 #, 2 #, 3 # new wide-bodied gas roller kiln, with superior quality gratitude consumer users.

new generation, endless. As a national high and new technology enterprise of marble marble tile production base in foshan ceramic factory # kiln # 3 first ignition, not only inheritance screen + superposition of inkjet technology, and it can realize dry grain of drop, matte carved, various new techniques such as digital/half digital glaze, face, make the light marble tile surface, soft light smooth, antique, forging smooth germplasm, let the marble tile more rich and colorful.

production and marketing together, annals industry. Marble TOMELY ceramics factory, foshan ceramic base of origin of 200000 square meters, marble tile innovative led to the brand. At present, the national listed professional marble tile authorized store 300 +, the existing marble tile, marble rock plate, Lucciole· Hotaru three series, the five varieties, eight specifications, nine color, more than 100 high-quality high-end product, is wanda, Evergrande, greentown, melting, is business, XinGe and marriott, Hilton, windham, hyatt, five-star westin hotel projects such as strategic partners and suppliers.
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