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make a mosaic doorstop

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
Why use shoes or a piece of garbage to prevent your door from slamming when you can create a decorative accessory, all you need is an old brick, some mosaic tiles, and some supplies
Start with a clean brick and give it a good one --
Clean with water and brush to make it completely dry (
The brick is porous and can take a few days to dry completely).
Collect your material: you need LaTeX
Modified thin covers, craft bars, tiles, or other decorations (such as half-
Marbles, shells, etc. )
Grouting material, grouting sponge, thick cardboard, white glue and cork or felt polished with sandpaper.
Acrylic paint is optional if you decide to paint the sides of the brick.
Place your brick on the workbench and decide the range you want to decorate it.
Do you want to tile the top and all four sides, or just the top?
On a pattern or something different, an interesting and simple pattern is to use a flat tile to align the edges of the brick and then fill it with a contrast color: it looks a bit like a river that flows through bricks.
Piece the tiles together until you are satisfied and then mix a batch of thin sets.
Use latex-
Since it contains some \"give\", the modified product helps reduce the chance of cracking.
\"Apply a thin sleeve on the back of each tile with a craft stick and press it firmly on the brick.
Alternatively, lay a thin layer of about inches thick on the entire surface of the brick and fix the tiles firmly inside.
This method is good if you already know how to place tiles and can set them fairly quickly.
Thinset will start setting up in about half an hour, so if you need some time to create your design, it\'s better to apply a thin sleeve on the back of each tile.
When you are satisfied with the top design of the brick, let it dry for at least four hours.
Even after that, be careful with it, because the tiles will still fall off before you apply the grout.
If you have decided to tile all four other faces, do so now.
It is possible to apply thin covers and tiles on a vertical surface, but you have to press hard to make sure it is properly attached.
If you have a lot of time, put each side up, tile it apart and dry it for about four hours.
When the brick is covered with tiles, apply the finished design and let the brick stay overnight.
Mix the mud according to the direction of the package, and then apply it to the tile with a thick cardboard sheet.
Make sure to push the grout into all the spaces between the tiles.
Then twist out a grouting sponge in a bucket of water, carefully wipe off the excess grouting, be careful not to dig out the grouting between the tiles.
For this project, sand type grouting is better than sand type grouting because you may have a larger filling space.
Wait for a few hours and then buffer the surface of the tile with a clean rag to remove any lingering Grout smoke.
Paint the SidesIf you only tile on the top of the brick, consider painting the sides for a more perfect look-or keep the brick natural depending on your decor.
Use acrylic paint and artist brushes.
It is also a good idea to spray the grouting gently with the grouting sealing agent to prevent mildew.
Apply a color to the modern atmosphere, or draw a board or stripe for a more casual feel.
When the paint or seal is dry, add a felt or cork, turn the brick over and cut the felt or cork into the size of the bottom surface.
Apply a thin layer of glue to the entire surface of the brick and press the cork or down felt hard-this will protect your floor.
Make sure all four corners are firmly connected together.
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