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Learn How to Paint On Glass

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-10

I love the art of painting glass, as well as today\'s craft shop and supplies available online, there is no end to the beautiful project you can make with glass!This is not only a hobby full of unknown fields, but it is also relatively cheap.You can find a lot of glass that can be painted in the dollar store and online.You can save a lot of money too!Once I bought a box of 12 plates at the online dollar store and sent them to my house for only $10 plus shipping.If you are shopping in a thrift store or a donation center, you may also be able to find unique items.Glass is a beautiful gift for anyone, and by the way I will outline on this page, you can easily turn ordinary glass into gorgeous, provide personalized gifts for special people in your life and can also be sold if you wish.So please follow me when I create some beautiful glass art!What do I need and where can I find it?.Solidify the spray piece (SEAL) (more information about this step later ).There are many places to find cheap glass chips.The Dollar Tree store has a variety of glass, and of course, it only costs one dollar for everything, which is good.Wal-Mart and Target also have relatively cheap glass pieces --I will go there if you want plates as they are sold separately.You can also go to the local thrift store to buy something unique.You can also shop at the local crafts store and find the glass, in addition, they will also have the paint, paint pens, brushes and templates you may need.If you are using a glass enamel paint and brush instead of a paint pen, they will also have a variety of colors right next to the acrylic paint..(The opaque one works best) because they have a wide variety of colors and widths, they are very easy to control when you write and draw on the glass.Just for extra safety when drinking from a glass.It seems to me that the best thing to do is if you are going to paint the glass plate, it would be better to paint it on the back of the glass for extra safety, although some paint says they are not-The front of the glass is poisonous.1.\\ \", (Or whatever you want to draw in your browser), then click on the word\" image \"(which should be in the selection list:xa0Internet, shopping, pictures, videos, news, etc...On the left hand panel or above), it may bring many different hummingbird pictures.In the browser, click image, etc...2.--xa0Choose the picture you like and think it will look good on your glass sheet.--xa0Hit left on the picture once to make it bigger.3.--xa0Now, hover over the picture and right-click it.\\\'.(The picture is only computer language ).--xa0I save my images to my desktop so I can find them easily.4.--xa0Go to your desktop and find the picture below the name you saved it.Create the file by left clicking on the file name twice.--xa0When the file is open, right-click on the picture.\\\'.5.--xa0In another window, open a blank word processing file.--xa0Right click in the blank word processing file \".\\\'.--xa0Your image should appear.6.--xa0Once the image appears, hover over the picture and click left button on it \".--xa0A lined square box should appear around your image, and now you can pull it with a mouse by clicking on the corner of the box until it reaches the size you like, to adjust its size to fit your glass sheet.If you want it to be smaller or larger, you can refer to or resize it.7.Transfer your image to your glass sheet.8.--xa0You are now ready to transfer your image to your glass candle holder!--xa0The instructions for this step are as follows., Then follow the instructions below.So please read it first.You want to transfer (see above ).--xa0It can be black and white for sure, but you should have a copy of the saved color picture for your reference.It is inside the glass so that the picture can be displayed through the outside.--xa0This will ensure its safety while transferring the picture to the glass sheet with your Sharpie.On the outside of your work (there is no candle, food or drink in it), sketch out the painting., Fill the space between the black Sharpie lines and basically color the whole thing with white opaque paint marks.--xa0Wait at least an hour for it to dry on the glass.Apply the appropriate color to the opaque white paint to suit the color of the picture (refer to the picture computer image you saved ).6)xa0In order to fix the paint on the glass, you need to bake in the normal kitchen oven.--xa0It is very important that you put this piece in the oven and let the heat inside rise, in other words --Do not put the painted glass sheet into the oven that is already pre-preparedIt is heated because it may break.7)xa0Put your picture in the oven.--xa0Set the temperature between 325 and 350 degrees..8)xa0To cool this piece, turn off the oven and let the glass cool in the oven.--xa0Once room temperature is reached, it is finished.What is the best paint for decorating glassware?There are all kinds.The best is acrylic enamel paint.Acrylic enamel paint is easy to use and usually can be solidified without heating.They dry quickly and Harden to form a smooth finish.It\'s great to use on both glass and ceramic, and once cured, the dishwasher is safe.You can also use Sharpie permanent markers, however, if you use them I will solidify the paint in your kitchen oven (instructions below.It is highly recommended that you wash your glasses by hand.My favorite paint used to decorate the glassware is the frying paint pen as it gives you a lot of control over your artistic style.You can buy it online on Amazon, but you can also buy it in a personal color or suit at the craft store.They are durable and while you don\'t have to do that, you don\'t have to solidify in the oven.I like these glass pens and I highly recommend them.How can I \"solidify\" or bake my glassware?Baking glassware in the oven is the way to fix the paint on the glass.If the glassware is lightly treated, the paint should remain glued to the glass after a long time of using this method.oven.for 30 minutes.Note: the glass must be heated gradually in the oven to avoid breakage.Turn off the oven after 30 minutes;(Removing it while the weather is still hot may cause the glass to break or break as the temperature suddenly changes ).How do I use and care for my glassware?While some companies say their paint is dishwasher safe on the top shelf of the dishwasher, I do not recommend putting any painted glassware into the dishwasher, just because it will wear paint to some extent, I won\'t risk it.I will never eat or drink from a glassware or ceramic sheet on the side or edge.Even though the paint has solidified onto the glass, I wouldn\'t do it at all, just to be on the safe side.Rinse your glass or ceramic sheet with warm water and make sure not to scrub.Enjoy your beautiful glassware!!!Susie\\\'s Artsy-.
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