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laying swimming pool tiles

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
If you have a swimming pool on your property, you will find that there is a great improvement in laying tiles over a more standard pool lining material and improving the look of it.
You can create a lovely swimming environment by installing color tiles or using mosaic tiles to create creative patterns.
However, if it doesn\'t matter if you just post tiles on the walls or throughout the pool, make sure you use a dedicated pool tile and waterproof grout material to make sure you get the proper long term coverage.
First, drain your pool so that the water level will be lower than your installation line and you will be happy to stand there.
If you are tiling the entire pool or pool floor, or just don\'t want to stand in the water while working, you can drain completely.
Clean the surface of the tile to be installed using warm water and plain soap.
This ensures that all chemicals, dirt and other contaminants disappear from the surface.
Dry thoroughly with a towel or leave for a few hours and dry naturally.
Now apply cement paste on areas not greater than 4
5 square feet at a time.
You can use the gap towel and it will leave a ridge in the paste so that the tiles will stick better on it.
Please make sure you are using tiles and grout materials approved for use in the pool as not all products are guaranteed to be waterproof.
Now push your pool tiles firmly to the cement area.
The reason you work in a small area is that the adhesive does not dry until you put the tiles on it.
If you end up with some dry patches, make sure you scrape off the old adhesive with the spatula edge before applying the new layer, otherwise you will get an uneven finish.
If you want to keep a very uniform edge on the tile, temporarily tighten the board at the bottom of each row of tiles as a guide to the same level of tiles.
If you need to cut any tiles for edges or smaller areas, use the right tile cutter to minimize the waste caused by breakage.
Draw a pencil line on the back of the tile that needs to be resized, and then cut the line with the cutter.
If you are using a tile that is thin enough, you can even score with a sharp knife and break the tile along it.
Continue to apply the adhesive and lay the tiles before everything is covered.
Remember to work on a small scale.
Do not move anything for at least 48 hours after completion, so that the tile adhesive has time to dry completely.
Now apply waterproof mud at the seams between the pool tiles.
Use the grouting float to spread across the entire surface and use smaller tools like the teaspoon handle to push the grouting into the seam.
Don\'t leave a gap or space anywhere, because once the pool is refilled, it will mean a leak, which will ruin the whole installation!
Use a damp sponge to wipe all the excess mud from the surface of the tile.
Allow to dry for at least 48 hours, then you can refill the pool and enjoy your lovely new pool.
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