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Italy on his return, seven-star European palace stone palace jing qi ii! - - - - - - Marble marble tile ceramic factory

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Italy on his return, seven-star European palace stone palace jing qi ii! - Marble marble tile ceramic factory

glory & middot; Return
in Italy, in verona international stone fair,
marble tile, marble, ceramic factory
the world praised by customers.
get praise at the same time,
we also visited the exhibition and European famous buildings,
understanding, thinking and learning.
from specification to color, from the
the European style to process unceasingly innovation, the continuation and inheritance in the stone,

heart & middot; Counterparts
returning with a marble marble tile ceramic factory,
to see that fall in love, cheng invited her peers
of a elegant, her, arrived in here.
is the natural romantic, she, looking back is the heyday.
in a corner of Europe type palace, she, jing is colourful, yao open,
in the marble ceramic factory.
Europe type style of the palace, with magnificent decoration, strong colour,
elegant modelling reach elegant adornment effect.
romantic stately, pure and fresh and do not fall convention, there is no lack of elegant and comfortable,
to fall for this,
marble marble tile ceramic factory in nature, for conversion,
admiration, let palace style emerged in foshan.

incipient & middot; Free and easy
the top that day,
like going through the sky like a glimpse shakotan coast;

mesh is corridor stretching far can see are brilliant dazzling lousy
lifelike marbles,
as leonardo Da Vinci's aura, like Raphael's free and easy & hellip; …

walking & middot; Harmonious
contracted Europe type style follow the main element of classic European style,
elements into the modern life.
is not just a luxury atmosphere,
is more comfortable and romantic.
by perfect standard line, the details of the best,
bring family not comfortable tactility,
, in fact, harmony is the highest state of Europe type style.

to view & middot;
taste from simple to complex, from the overall to local,
finely crafted, parquet carved jindu meticulous impression to the person.
the traditional history and rich cultural background,
the romantic feelings meditate on the past and the demand for life, the combination of modern
modern compatible and showily elegance and vogue,
reveal personalized aesthetic point of view and cultural taste.

at & middot; Texture
up at day, look over,
or art, or Renaissance, or momentum, or proudly & hellip; …
to move
a stocky massiness, balance, strength of saturated aesthetic effect,
in balance and coordination.

cheng invited & middot; Tasting
mountain water, but can only glimpse into a corner!
on October 18, 19, 2016 at 10:00 & middot; China & middot; Ceramic factory in foshan
marble marble tile cheng invited global merchants
view/out of print, sports car, technique;
/ & seven-star stone mode palace, jing qi ii;
/ around foshan, drunk beautiful marble ceramic factory!
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