Sine 2012, We have been specialized in only Marble

In April, 2016 marble marble tile ceramic factory way for example!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
After months of planning, compaction,
in April, marble, marble tile ceramic factory formal sermon terminal!

the state - - - 【 Marble ceramic factory space model 】 Since the announcement,
widely consulting, attention and support.
we feel more pressure and responsibility!

'we - - - 【 Marble ceramic factory space model 】 ,
by Chinese building and indoor stylist network ( 中国- - - - - - 设计师。 com)
and marble marble tile ceramic factory jointly sponsored.

we are committed to the' Marble ceramic factory space model 】 Into the
a booster force development, urban design
common witness of the road of emerging designers example platform! Here

we give you a platform,
do you luxuriant turn around!

in the first quarter of 2015 wanting more?
to show! 【 Marble ceramic factory space model 】 In the second quarter of the blockbuster hit!
2016 where we, wonderful first:

on April 25, Hong Kong interior design association, Hong Kong famous designer - - - Kinney chan teacher,
with changzhou city TOP young designers,
from changzhou, dialogue together!

on April 26, the United States and Taiwan international design company chief designer Paul David, a professor at tsinghua university,
- the international famous designers - - David Lin teacher,
with chongqing city TOP young designers,
chongqing dialogue, talk about design!

for more details, please focus on the Marble ceramic factory space model 】 Site!
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